No Frills VA Podcast: Creating A Non-Urgent Productive Lifestyle

In this episode, AVA Founder & CEO, Melissa Smith shares how she’s gone from having a very urgent, productive lifestyle to a non-urgent, yet still productive lifestyle. 


In this week’s episode, Melissa shares:


1:25 – Three things that helped Melissa create a non-urgent, productive lifestyle;

1:43 – How Melissa unexpectedly let go of perfectionism;

2:39 – Creating deadlines to get things done and not perfect;

2:58 – Why believing everything is going to work out helped Melissa;

3:37 – The reason hard work is not sustainable;

4:56 – Working in your energy levels for yourself, not just your clients;

6:29 – What Melissa encourages you to do if you have already created a non-urgent, productive lifestyle;

7:10 – What being urgent takes from you and your business;


What helps you feel non-urgent, yet productive so you can enjoy your business?


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