Membership Provides You With Referrals

Membership Provides Referrals

The Association of Virtual Assistants membership provides you with referrals and this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The idea behind creating the AVA came from Founder and CEO Melissa Smith’s bestselling books and her findings as the premier VA Matchmaker in the industry. The AVA was designed to answer the number one question of both virtual assistants and clients. 

VAs: Where do I find clients?

Clients: Where do I find the right VAs?

Determined to answer both questions and solve the problem of two parties who obviously and desperately wanted to meet one another, the AVA was formed. 

Many of our members have experienced great success working with client members who have joined and there has been a referral system created in our Slack community that our members benefit from. You see, as VAs grow their business they need to hire and work with other VA professionals as well. Not to mention being able to hand over clients to other members when the client is no longer a good fit or has needs the VA cannot meet. 

According to our recent findings in the VA State of the Industry Survey, VAs predicted that 83% of clients will need to have more than one VA.  Again, the survey pointed out that an additional VA would be needed due to the gaps in the market, such as the lack of technical expertise, the need for specialized marketing and social media, as well as investing in virtual assistants who support launches. Educating Clients is something our survey participants are passionate about. Providing clients with their next trusted VA through a referral is something that our members are passionate about.

Wondering what the cost of a potential referral is? Nothing. Zero. Zilch. When you join the AVA you become a member of a like-minded community and giving your fellow AVA member referrals is a pleasure. Not something you do for profit. Since May 2019 you have had the incredible opportunity to give and receive referrals as an AVA member for only $14.99 a month or $150 a year (U.S.D.). The cost of client referrals is increasing.

Join now and get one step closer to getting your next referral! You will automatically secure the rate for the lifetime of your membership. You could even refer a friend and have them getting the same great deal as you! You only have until August 31st at 5pm ET to join the AVA for only $14.99 a month or $150 a year (U.S.D.). After this, the cost of referrals will increase to $29.99 a month or $300 a year (U.S.D.). 

Get your next client at the best price and join the AVA today!

We see you. We hear you. We value you.