Meet your Association of Virtual Assistants Slack Ambassadors

Slack Ambassadors

The role of the chosen Association of Virtual Assistants Slack Ambassadors is to use his/her strengths within the Slack platform.

The goal of the AVA Slack Ambassador program is to assist, engage, and support members in the AVA Slack community. This includes understanding how to use Slack, real-time support, feedback, and a safe space where VAs of all backgrounds are seen and heard. In doing so they foster online relationships, bring value to virtual assistants and clients. Ambassadors are instrumental in assisting the AVA to fulfill our mission. 

The mission of the Association of Virtual Assistants is to be the most trusted source of information in the VA industry. We promote a high standard of excellence within our Association, which not only benefits current and future virtual assistants but those we serve – the client.

We are excited to announce that David Rockey of Your Office S.O.S and Liropeya (Peya) Robbins are our very first Slack Ambassadors!

Slack is self-described as bringing the team together, wherever you are. Remote work and being a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be isolating.

Slack Awareness Ambassador

David’s desire to be a Slack Ambassador comes from loving “to connect and relate to like-minded people”. This is very evident as he has already started bringing members together in our #daily_dose_of_vitamin_VA Slack channel where he posts motivational and inspirational quotes that our members look forward to daily.

David not only brings years of experience to his clients and the AVA, he represents the minority among virtual assistants – males. Additionally, he is breaking the mold for what could be seen as a young mom’s profession. His role as an Ambassador isn’t just a positive experience for our members, but gives men and Baby Boomers ideas and inspiration for all the opportunities they truly have. 

Favorite thing about Slack: ​ I love the encouraging, mentoring, and sharing parts of Slack most.

How to get in touch:  Slack or the AVA

Slack Engagement Ambassador

It’s no surprise that Peya is our Slack Engagement Ambassador, she is also the designer of our member logo which is proudly displayed on websites and social media often!

While Slack is for work and where work happens (even their stock symbol is: WORK) we all like to have fun and engage with others at work. Whether it’s sharing our favorite technology tools, resources, hacks, or the latest Oreo cookie flavor, it’s about engaging with one another. 

The AVA boasts an extremely diverse membership base. With over 150 members representing 19 countries, we come together in service, shared values, and making real connections around the world. 

Before joining the AVA Peya says, “I was flailing trying to find which end is up in my business. Since joining I have found purpose and community; a family. I would love to share my passion for being a VA and for being part of such an amazing community.”

Additionally, Peya hopes to, “.. encourage and support new and existing members to live up to their potential and achieve their goals as VAs.” What better reason than that to engage others?

Favorite thing about Slack:  I love all the different categories. I never feel bombarded with posts. I can jump into any channel and quickly find resources while connecting with other members.

How to get in touch:  Slack or IG @positivepey

Ready to join and become part of Slack? The AVA is your like-minded community.

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