Master Your Mindset in an AVA Mastermind Group


The Association of Virtual Assistants continually strives to bring its members the best in education, tools, and resources. Our members have requested a mastermind group(s) to be formed and we listened! 

Mastermind groups vary greatly. If you are looking for a “feel-good” group without putting in the work this isn’t the right mastermind for you. However, if you understand that you are applying to become part of a mastermind group that will be challenging, demanding, require work to reach your goals, and that you should expect life-changing results you’re in the right place! 

Application deadline: Friday, September 4, 2020

Application fee: $100 (fully refundable if a group is not formed, or applied to the cost of the mastermind if chosen)

Cost: $2,500 for AVA members (with payment options available), $3,500 for non-members (payment options available - additional fees apply)

Please make sure to read this page in its entirety before applying. 

  1. The AVA mastermind will consist of no more than 12 individuals (4 minimum) at a similar place in business and with similar goals for the future. The purpose is to ensure a safe, in-depth conversation with those who can deeply relate and support you from a like-minded perspective. Founder & CEO, Melissa Smith (who has gone through mastermind facilitator training) will be the facilitator. You will be held accountable to your peers.
  2. The time commitment is six (6) months. The date and time will be determined by the group once it has formed. The size of the group will determine how often and how long each mastermind session is. For instance, a mastermind of 12 simply cannot be held in one (1) hour. The chosen group will need to determine if the group will meet twice a month or for two (2) hours instead of (1). Attendance will be mandatory and there will be no refunds given if you do not attend.
  3. The cost is $2,500 for members (with payment options available at no additional charge) and $3,500 for non-members (payment options available at an additional charge). There is a $100 deposit fee (refundable if the mastermind doesn't have enough participants to form) that is required with this application. This is the first step in vetting those who are serious about their business future.
  4. What you can expect from this mastermind are Accountability, Advice, Encouragement, Feedback, & Results. The expectation of the mastermind is to be nothing less than life-changing. Your facilitator will ensure it. You should leave any egos, facades, unwillingness to share and be honest at the door. You should also come with a clear goal and be accepting of feedback and criticism, as well as devote time to giving it. Much like world-class athletes, you will be pushed to your limits to achieve your ultimate goals.
  5. Each meeting will take place over Zoom with video on. You should be able to devote, as well as give your full attention free of distraction during this time out of respect for yourself and mastermind teammates.
  6. During each meeting, each member must present their goals, their action items, be accountable for action items, have an ask, and field questions from the group members. To ensure each member gets the appropriate amount of time a time allotment will be given. This will also ensure members show up prepared and respect the time of the entire group.
  7. The facilitator (Melissa) will be responsible for taking notes and summarizing meetings for the participants.
  8. Applications will be taken through Friday, September 4th and chosen members will be notified the week of September 14th a group suitable for them was formed and begin determining meeting dates and times. 

If you are ready to take the next step in your business, the AVA welcomes your application!

Contact Us if you have any questions.