Mastering Your Mindset as a Virtual Assistant – Pt. 1

Mastering Your Mindset Pt. 1

Mastering your mindset as a virtual assistant is essential. We specifically use the term mastering because perfection it is not possible and not a standard anyone would want to try and hold themselves to. It’s a zero-sum game. Setting yourself up for a certain failure. Mastery sets you up for success because it does not require perfection. Additionally, learning to master anything, including your mindset, sets you up to be in control. You have the power. Possessing the power to master your mindset is one of the greatest powers you’ll ever learn. 

Mastering your mindset is both a holistic and practical process. Yet, if you try to master your mindset using only one approach, you won’t get the results you deserve. In this two-part series, we’re going to share both holistic and very practical ways to master your mindset for the purpose of positive change. 


Setting Your Intention

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― C.G. Jung

To make a blanket statement like,  I would like to change my mindset, is not a specific enough intention. What specifically do you intend to change? You can choose to start with something you think will be simple. Or you can choose something that you know will be more challenging. What’s important is to make the commitment so you can set the proper intention.

Here are some example intentions:

  • My intention is to be excited instead of scared to start my VA business.
  • My intention is to have a positive mindset when it comes to getting clients.
  • My intention is to talk positively to myself even when I’m frustrated and don’t feel like I’m making progress. 

Did you notice how specific each one of these intentions is? You might ask, What if I struggle with all of these things?  That’s okay and completely normal! You’re not alone. In that case, we recommend choosing the intention that paralyzes you from taking action. Taking action has a way of giving you courage through power, and a positive mindset in other areas of your business and life. 

After setting your intention, talk about it out loud or by writing it down. Basically, you want to get it out of your head in any way that makes the most sense and is your preferred method of communication. Taking the conversation out of your head keeps it clear and positive. You are far less likely to write negative thoughts to yourself and be doubtful when talking about your intentions with others. 


Flip the Script

The “what if” game is probably the worst game we can play with our minds. In this game, we rarely, if ever, come up with positive outcomes. It makes you wonder why we play this game. Well, it’s natural to try and play the odds. The odds of things going as we planned and getting the results we want. Yet fear, masquerading as protection and reality, jump in with the worst case scenario. Worse, because it’s the thought we came up with, we believe that we’re 100% correct! Let’s play the game for real which is to say from both sides of the same coin.

What if you’re wrong?

What if nothing bad happens and you get everything you dreamed of and more?

What if you flipped the script to write an outcome where everything worked out in your favor? 

When you flip the script, you’re still searching for things that might possibly trip you up. However, instead of using that as the excuse for not moving forward you also dream up a plan and see an outcome that does still allow things to work out in your favor. It’s that simple. 

Examples of playing the negative what if game:

  • Negative: What if I don’t get any clients?
  • Negative: What if someone wants me to do something I don’t know how?
  • Negative: What if I fail?

Examples of playing the what if game in your favor positively:

  • Positive: What if I get so many clients I have to start a waiting list?
  • Positive: What if I prepare myself not to have all the answers, but commit to being able to find them in my network?
  • Positive: What if I fail but don’t quit and end up winning in the end?

Flipping the script is literally you writing your story. It’s you taking control and owning your thoughts through mastery. You get to write about your own hero’s journey. 

Start practicing mastering your mindset as a virtual assistant and in our next blog we’ll share more tips with you. 


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