Marketing Your Virtual Assistant Business Pt. 3

Marketing Your VA Business Pt. 3

Marketing your virtual assistant business doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, marketing your VA business often plays to the strengths of you as a VA. 


This month we’ve shared what you can be doing to market your virtual assistant business – organize and create value.


This week, we’re going to share the biggest marketing mistakes to avoid, as well as what to do instead. 


1 Marketing to everyone. Sure you could do what you do for almost anyone, but you won’t want to. Not every client values the same kind of work and the method in which it’s done. We can all look to one of the most celebrated and successful marketing campaigns “Share a Coke?” by Coca-Cola. When marketing your VA business, make it so personal that it feels like you are calling your future clients by name. 


2. Setting unrealistic marketing goals. While Coke’s campaign is awesome, don’t set your goal to reach 250 million just yet! Your business, processes, systems, and infrastructure aren’t likely to be able to manage more than 3-5 clients successfully based on the type of VA you are. When you market with those 3-5 clients in mind, not only will you be able to hone in on your message you’ll be able to keep the faith when you only have a few followers. You don’t need hundreds or even thousands of followers to be successful as a VA. 


3. Setting and then forgetting to track your marketing. Even marketing that works at some point won’t work any longer. The world is moving fast and you need to keep up with it. Better if you can stay ahead of it. Track your marketing and make adjustments as needed while it’s still working, not after it’s gone cold. Additionally, staying close to your marketing will inspire you by gaining insights into what current and potential clients find valuable. All strategies should be reviewed regularly. 


4. Following your favorite influencer’s marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy can only work if it’s authentic to you and resonates with your audience. You and your favorite influencer may share the same values and personality, but it doesn’t mean you share the same audience and vice versa. Certainly, you can learn from and be inspired by those you follow, but stay true to yourself and speak to your audience in only the way you understand they want to be spoken to. 


5. Disappearing. Your marketing strategy was so awesome that now you don’t have time for it any longer. Don’t simply disappear. You never know when you’ll need to be found again. Only consistent marketing pays off and can provide you with compound interest marketing results. We’re not just talking about social media, we’re including networking groups, and regularly updating your website to stay relevant. As a VA, don’t look beyond the obvious which is that you can and should be hiring your own VA at some point. Just like your clients can’t do it all themselves, neither can you. Hire a VA to benefit your business the same way you benefit your clients!


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