Marketing Your Virtual Assistant Business Pt. 2

Marketing Your VA Business Pt. 2

As we shared last week, marketing your virtual assistant business doesn’t have to be hard. Playing to your strengths as a VA through organization is the first step. This week we’re going to assist you in creating value.

Now that you are organized and have a strategy, you know how to provide potential clients with value. Value to potential clients is far more than saving time and money. Just about every product and service claim to do this. Your value comes in the manner in which you choose to assist your clients. Remember, you are your first client. What do you value?

How much value you’ll receive from your efforts and the value your clients will receive. If you firmly believe you are providing the client value, you won’t ever feel too salesy or icky. We promise!

How to provide value:

1. Prepare to open your doors. Virtual assistants, especially when first starting out, often miss the opportunity to create an inviting experience for their potential clients. You don’t have to create a website to start your VA business. You could start with a social media profile and build from there. The biggest benefit of creating a website or even a LinkedIn profile is that you will be forced to create language and write copy that clearly expresses what you do and whom you do it for. Even without a website or LI profile, you still need to think about how you’re going to invite your potential clients as though they are walking through your business doors. 

2. Search yourself. When marketing is done right, you’ll have people contacting you. You’ll also have people searching for you. Do you know what will be found? Will they see things you want them to see? Are your posts filled with valuable content that compels potential clients to want to know more about you?

3. Network. Networking has so many benefits. The best networkers are able to provide the most value and in the beginning of your business, networking allows you to get a client’s perspective on what they find valuable which isn’t always what you might think.  In the beginning of a VA’s business, they are much more likely to network than after they have a full book of business. However, this is exactly the time to continue to network. You can leverage these networking opportunities for speaking engagements, consultations, and certainly to grow your team. Creating value is for your business too!

As we’ve said before – be consistent. Consistency is the best karma. Consistency also builds your business muscles. Value is not something you can ever afford to stop delivering. Consistency creates a marketing strategy that will one day provide you with compound interest and that is when the fun really begins!

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