Marketing Your Virtual Assistant Business Pt. 1

Marketing Your VA Business

Marketing your virtual assistant business doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, marketing your VA business often plays to the strengths of you as a VA. 


The biggest mistake made by VAs when it comes to marketing is trying to market without having created a strategy. Without a strategy, you can feel “too salesy” and just downright icky. (We know that’s not you!) It can be very frustrating as well because it feels that you are doing all the actions you should be doing – and you very well could be. However, without a strategy, there is no way for your actions to circle back to you in order to achieve the desired results.


When you think of creating your business’ marketing strategy, break it down into two categories to deliver on: Organization and Value. (We’ll cover value next week).


If you are looking for ways to market yourself, the Association of Virtual Assistants has you covered. In this blog series, we’ll provide you with what you need in order to create a marketing strategy that fits your business. We’ll also share a bonus blog this month sharing what marketing mistakes to avoid.


Start by organizing your business. How you operate your business with one (1) client or even no clients is how you will operate your business with many clients. You’ll find as a VA that the same is true for your clients. Additionally, if you plan to grow and build a business, you’ll need to be organized right out of the gate. 


What are you organizing?


  • Organize your calendar. As you know, time is never going to magically appear on your calendar. You have to make regular time to market your business in a way that makes sense, and most importantly – you can be consistent with. 


  • Organize your message. Any writer will tell you it’s not good to sit down to write without knowing whom you’re writing to, why, and the result you want to take place. Start by brainstorming the topics, themes, and areas of expertise you want to be hired for and provide for yourself, as well as the client. 


  • Organize your ROI. You might think of this as diversifying your options. Your time to devote to certain marketing initiatives may be in abundance now, but that will not be the case in the future when your marketing is working. Determine what you believe is giving your business the best return on investment. Then you can build on this or double down when you want. However, if you don’t know where you are getting your returns you’re throwing away your time and money. 


  • Organize your feedback. You don’t have to accept all feedback. In fact, you won’t want to. Organizing your feedback will help you determine who your audience is versus who you want it to be. Certainly, whom you don’t want it to be. Pro Tip: When in doubt follow the money trail. Clients are clients because they pay you not because they are your biggest fans. 


Be consistent. The best marketer doesn’t win. The most consistent marketer does. More than anything, focus on consistent, repetitive marketing. The “rule of seven,” means people need to hear or see your message at least seven times before taking any action. Be consistent to ensure you’re seen and heard. You never know who will see your message and share it. 


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