Podcast: Latrice Prater: Freedom to Design Your Life

We are so excited to release this episode on Veteran’s Day! Get ready for a FUN episode! Latrice Prater is a confident, savvy business woman and also a Navy veteran. With a varied (“crazy”) career, she shows you how to just go for it.

We salute our veterans today!

In this episode…

4:17 Latrice talks about her transition from full time corporate office worker to a VA.

8:16 Latrice finds clients using Facebook.

12:46 She talks about her team and growth.

18:14 Learn about a new software! Latrice uses Front (https://frontapp.com/) for her team.

23:52 How does Latrice differentiate herself on social media?

25:56 Latrice goes into her entire life and career before this point, including her amazing four years in the Navy.

39:40 Latrice talks about the point where she realized she wanted to be the one calling the shots and how she started 10 different businesses.

43:00 Advice for new VAs who have had a varied career path like hers.

50:00 Latrice’s favorite quote she runs her business by.

Latrice Prater is a wife and mom of 3. She is originally from Washington DC but currently resides in Austin Texas. Latrice is a Military Veteran that believes in authenticity, transparency and communication. She has 5 years of experience as an Executive Assistant in sectors such as Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Consulting, and Technology. She launched her VA business Latrice Prater & The Digital Solutions Team in February 2020 and began building her team a few short months later, in April. Her first 30 days in business she was able to get 6 clients. She and her team provide virtual support to female CEO’s.

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