Is Your Virtual Assistant Business Growing or Withering?

Growth vs Withering VA Business

The difference between having a virtual assistant business that is growing and one that is withering is all in your mind. To have a growing business you must first have a growth mindset. 


When it comes to your VA business your mindset holds the most valuable real estate. So it makes sense that the most important and most valuable thing about your business is mindset. Mindset. Mindset. 


Master your mindset and you’ll master your business growth. 


Here are three ways to grow your mindset.


  1. Write Down What You Want On Paper


If it’s written and even signed by you, then it’s legal and a fact. Our minds can then become wired and focused to achieve what we want. You can even create a contract for yourself and an onboarding document to set realistic goals for your achievements. 


What happens when you don’t write down what you want on paper? 

  • You’re less likely to mentally commit to yourself and thus, less likely to get what you want;
  • You’re far more likely to want what someone else says you should want;
  • You forget why what you want is important to you;
  • Your mind becomes a playground for doubt because it stops focusing on what you love and instead focuses on your fears.


2. Set Measurable Goals For Yourself


We are wired for achievements. However, when it comes to business growth we often skip writing down the achievements needed and run straight for the finish line. Your mindset then has to carry the massive weight of a load that is too big a weight for anyone to carry. 


How do you set measurable goals when you’ve got big visions?

  • Break your vision down into the smallest goals possible and timeframes possible;
  • Define what a productive day looks like – as it pertains to your big vision – and then keep track of how many of these days you can string together;
  • Create goals that don’t rely on the actions of others, control what you can control.


3. Make Mindset Your Biggest Muscle


Your mindset is a muscle to grow, not simply to flex. When your mindset muscle grows you are creating muscle memory. This means your mindset can now work the most efficiently, as well as effectively. 


How do you grow your mindset muscle? 

  • Visualize how your current mindset could be different and then write down all the differences in detail that take place when you’re in a growth mindset;
  • Piggyback your weaknesses to your strengths. If you can tap into your strong mindset first you can give yourself a headstart in thinking;
  • Give your mind positive fuel not just negative energy. Make a list of 100 things you love and that make your mind smile. Read the list daily to put your mind in a better mood! 


Because it’s your mind that first tells you to take action or has you paralyzed, growing, or having your VA business wither is all in your mind. 


Invest in the most valuable real estate you’ll ever own – your mindset.


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