How to Grow Your Business pt 1

How to grow your business? Congratulations! You have gotten to the point in the Life Cycle of a Virtual Assistant where you are ready to grow your business. Or maybe you don’t feel ready but you’re doing to do it anyhow. This is an exciting time but like any business owner there are things you’re going to want to do to ensure your continued to success and things you absolutely don’t want to do in order to protect the business reputation you have.

Some important questions are:

  1. Will you be adding new services and/or packages?
  2. Are you going to increase your prices?
  3. Will you now work with clients who purchase a minimum number of hours each month?
  4. Are you going to hire a virtual assistant to support you?
  5. Have you decided if you want to hire subcontractors, VAs on retainer, or have employees?

In the last blog series we discussed diversifying your income streams. It’s natural now to grow your business. However, growth can be whatever you like it to be. Don’t feel as though you have to create an agency or large firm. Growth could mean more revenue or the number of people you have working for you and supporting other areas of your business. Remember that it could mean you hire someone to help you personally.

It’s entirely possible you are doing everything just right in your business but having someone come in and clean your house, hiring a nanny, or having meals delivered could be how you integrate your life and work so that growing your business doesn’t have negative impacts on your personal life.

Growing your business is an exciting time! We want to support you and provide the resources you need. When you join the Association of Virtual Assistants you have joined an association dedicated and founded to grow with you.

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