How to Get Clients as a Virtual Assistant pt 3

How to Get Clients

Now that you know how to get clients as a virtual assistant it’s time to grow your book of business. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 of this blog series I highly suggest reading those first.

Once you’ve closed your first client you are on your way towards a full book of business. However, you don’t just want any business. It can be very tempting to accept and work with any client. A decision you will most certainly regret. I know firsthand that there are few worse things than working with the wrong client. It’s not the same as working for an employer you don’t like. There is an escape from that. When you own your own business there is no escaping bad clients. They will haunt you and make you feel like a prisoner in your own working space!

Why do we call it a full book of business? This is a relationship management technique used by businesses to maintain a close connection with high-value customers. Large businesses have both low-revenue clients and high-revenue clients which are also referred to as high-value. As a VA you cannot realistically serve (and by that I mean serve well) more than five high-value clients. Could you serve 10 low-revenue clients? Yes. However, ironically you will do at least twice the work and it doesn’t always equal to the same amount of money.

As we stated in the last article, niching attracts the right, high-value, ideal clients. It’s a numbers game. Here’s why it’s a numbers game.

The first set of numbers you need to write out are what you need to make to afford your lifestyle. The next set of numbers is what you want to make to not only afford your current lifestyle but your future lifestyle and while putting money into saving for the future and taxes. Then divide by five. For simplicity we are going to use the round number of $5000 a month.

$5000 a month = $1250 a week $1250 a week / 5 clients = $250 a week per client $250 a week / 5 clients = 1 hour a week at $50 an hour

5 hours a week 20 hours a month

This is not rocket science or hard.

Pro tip: Whenever you are overwhelmed, reverse engineer your problem. When your mind has to think backward it can’t process as fast and has to think which means it often has to think differently and can’t immediately race to the place of overwhelm. Go ahead. Try to say the alphabet backward as fast as you can say it forward.

The problem is most VAs get overwhelmed because they have allowed the numbers to become emotional nor have they broken it down into manageable steps. The reality is most clients use their virtual assistant about five hours a week and then grow from there. I’ve never met anyone who thought they couldn’t earn the business of five clients. How to get clients as a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be hard.

The Association of Virtual Assistants is ready to assist you in getting a full book of business. We will remind you of your value, support you in the process, and keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Joining the Association of Virtual Assistants also comes with its privileges and support specifically for you, the VA. Take advantage of all the privileges and benefits that come with being a VA!

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