How to Get Clients as a Virtual Assistant pt 1

Virtual Assistant

Often even before a person decides to become a VA they will ask how to get clients as a virtual assistant. A common response is to ask what the person wants their niche to be.

Don’t worry if this takes a little time. The process is not step-by-step or linear. In fact, when you leave yourself open to possibilities instead of chasing after the latest fad or trend an opportunity to create a brand new niche will present itself.

If you have no idea what kind of services you want to offer or what niche you want to get into look to the person you think you want to work with. This is not necessarily who you’ve worked with in the past. This type of individual may have qualities that many executive coaches have, or health and wellness professionals, medical professionals, etc. Being drawn to a particular person is a great place to start because then you can physically or virtually place yourself where those people are and learn more about their needs.

How to get clients as a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be a scary question. Think of it as a virtual career fair. You’re exploring different options and opportunities looking for that which both excites you and challenges you. Don’t exclude anyone or any field until you do your research. I’m constantly surprised by the options available in certain fields. Also, don’t forget if you see a service missing this is your opportunity to create and provide it!

Make a career fair out of it and while you’re searching for the best clients look for the clients who think you are the best too!

The Association of Virtual Assistants is ready to assist you in getting clients. We can provide you feedback, focus groups, and even client leads. The AVA takes the overwhelm out of getting clients.

Joining the Association of Virtual Assistants also comes with its privileges and support specifically for you, the VA. Take advantage of all the privileges and benefits that come with being a VA!

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