How Returning to the Office Impacts Virtual Assistants – Part 2

Returning to the Office Pt 2

Have you thought about how returning to the office will impact your business positively? Last week we shared 3 great questions to ask your clients regarding the return to the office.  This week we’re going to be sharing 3 great questions to ask yourself regarding new clients and service offerings.


Earlier this month we discussed how back-to-school time impacts our businesses and shared how to take stock of your business, reassess your schedule and create a new schedule that works best for your goals, and even how to create a homeschool schedule


Here are 3 great questions to ask yourself regarding new clients and service offerings. 


  1. Do I truly want to take on new clients and offer new services? 


This is a very important question to ask yourself because there will be plenty of opportunities. It can be very difficult to turn down opportunities and that initial excitement and the newness of it all. However, if the opportunity doesn’t fit your long-term goals don’t feel pressured (from yourself or others) to do so. 


In our first blog of the month, we shared about creating a new time budget. Before taking on new clients or deciding to offer new services, make sure you have created a time budget.


2. Who is my new ideal client?


Note, this doesn’t have to be different from the ideal client you currently assist. However, it can’t be assumed either. Be purposeful and thoughtful in the new clients you will take on especially if they require you to create new or different boundaries than your current clients. 


3. What new service do I truly want to devote my time to honing?


Particularly if you have been offering the same services for years honing a new service may seem like a lot of work. You may work to hone these services for different reasons – packaging, pricing, timing, marketing, etc.  No one puts out a perfect product or service the first time around. If you’re not as dedicated to the honing process as you are excited about offering this new service then you may want to take a step back and keep looking for services that you are as dedicated and excited about. 


Here are just a few examples of service offerings directly related to returning to the office:


  • Head of Remote;
  • Creating equitable experiences for hybrid workplaces;
  • Creation of new manuals, policies, and procedures;
  • Creation of internal Wiki style pages for company communications;
  • Slack Community Engagement Manager;
  • Creating company blind dates (matching and introducing members of the company to one another to build relationships and avoid silos); 


The Association of Virtual Assistants believes that the return to office will impact virtual assistant businesses positively for those who wish to take advantage of this new future of work.  


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