How AVA CMO, Mimi Klosterman, Practices Gratitude

Mimi is a woman of few words. However, her words are chosen carefully and have great impact. A lot of people mistake the CMO’s role for merely front-end work. What the client and customer will see. There is so much more to it! Mimi is responsible for making sure the information is captured properly, collecting and analyzing data, backend systems and processes. It is very technical with a lot of forecasting. Marketing without metrics isn’t really marketing. Strategizing without statistics is merely guessing. I’m so grateful to have Mimi as the CMO for the Association of Virtual Assistants! 

Let’s hear how Mimi practices gratitude. In case you don’t know, Mimi has eight children, five who still live at home, as well as being the caretaker for her mother. She also homeschools her children and they are all very active in a variety of volunteer groups including search and rescue. Oh yeah, and she runs her own business too!

Q. What is or do you have a formal process of making sure you stay grateful?

I don’t have a formal process but when I have some alone time during my workouts and prayer time is when I think about the things I am grateful for. 

Q. How do you practice gratitude?

During our family meal times, we go around the table and everyone has to say 2 items and 1 person they’re thankful for.

Q. Are you participating in gratefulness or gratitude challenges at the moment?

With my client’s weekly team meetings, we each have to mention a positive focus or what we’re grateful for.  One has to be personal and the other business-related.

Q. Do you have any gratefulness or gratitude practices you share with your clients?

Yes, same as my previous answer.  

Q. It’s been very busy and I know the AVA has added to that. What’s your secret for being grateful and showing gratitude when things aren’t going well or you feel overwhelmed?

I don’t have a secret for being grateful when I’m overwhelmed.  I try to provide positive comments to other people when I can. I know I need to cut down on a few things I’ve volunteered for.

Q. Will you share a time when you were joyfully overwhelmed when someone showed how grateful they were for you?

When my computer crashed and had limited capability to do work, my client gave me $1000 bonus to pay for a new computer.  It was such a surprise but she said she’s been wanting to do something for me but didn’t know what and this was an opportunity for her to show her appreciation.

Q. Is there a favorite quote, poem, or saying that always reminds you to be grateful?

My favorite quote is from Maya Angelou – “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Q. Looking back at 2019 I’m sure there are many things you’re grateful for, but does anything stand out as particularly unexpected?

I’ve been wanting to help VAs and had volunteered for IVAA to do that but found out that some parts were discouraging me. I feel like AVA is the place to do this. It helps me get out of my comfort zone and the team challenges me.

Q. Looking towards 2020 what are you already grateful for?

I’m grateful for how AVA has made an impact in the VA industry in such a short amount of time.  I think we are doing a lot of things that are outside the box. 

Q. The AVA and its members are very grateful for you! What gratitude would you like to give back? 

I want to thank them for taking a chance with us, especially if they’ve joined other VA associations and didn’t get what they needed.  We hope to fulfill their needs and more.

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