Having A Growth Mindset As A Virtual Assistant

Having A Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset as a virtual assistant is the difference in having a growing VA business or not. 


When it comes to your VA business, your mindset holds the most valuable real estate. So it makes sense that the most important and most valuable thing about your business is mindset. 


Master your mindset and you’ll master your business growth. Notice we did not say to perfect your mindset. There is no such thing. However, when you master your mindset you have the ability to take control over your thoughts. 


Here are three ways to practice a growth mindset. 


  • Write a growth path.


Write a growth plan that also includes a growth path. Growth doesn’t take place in confusion. Just as you plan for a growing business you need to plan for your mindset to grow in the same way.  Our minds can become wired and focused to achieve what we want. 


For instance, if your goal is to build a team with you no longer performing client work, your growth path may account for income goals, client goals, hours booked, etc. However, if your growth path does not include what mindset changes you have to make along the way you could still meet all your goals, but be too afraid to give up the work. Struggle to delegate to your team. Or view yourself differently. 


Creating physical and mental growth paths is the key for your business and your mindset to grow at the same pace. 


  • Write down achievements. 


We are wired to want to achieve things in our business. We are not wired to take the time to stop and write them down. Often we are too busy working towards our next achievement. Your mindset then has to carry the massive weight of what you have already achieved along with your next goal. The bigger the achievement or vision, the bigger the weight.


Make writing down achievements part of your growth mindset work. List what made it possible for you to achieve the goal. Write out the obstacles you faced along the way and how you overcame them. 


This exercise goes far beyond celebrating your achievements. It is a process of documenting to put it behind as you grow your mindset. As you continue to grow your business, you’ll have documented proof of what you’ve already accomplished to remind yourself of what you are still capable of. 


  • Exercise your mindset muscle.


Your mindset is a muscle to grow, not simply to flex. When your mindset muscle grows, you are creating muscle memory. This means your mindset can now work the most efficiently, as well as effectively. 


Here are some ways to grow your mindset muscle.

  • Visualize how your current mindset could be different and then write down all the differences in detail that take place when you’re in a growth mindset;
  • Piggyback your weaknesses to your strengths. If you can tap into your strong mindset first, you can give yourself a headstart in thinking;
  • Give your mind positive fuel, not just negative energy. Make a list of 100 things you love and that make your mind smile. Read the list daily to put your mind in a better mood! 


Because it’s your mind that first tells you to take action or has you paralyzed, growing your VA business all starts there. 


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