Growing Your VA Business to the Next Level Pt. 1

Growing Your VA Business to the Next Level Pt. 1

“Every ceiling, when reached, becomes a floor, upon which one walks as a matter of course and prescriptive right.” — Aldous Huxley 

There comes a point when you’re growing your VA business that your ceiling becomes your floor. It can feel like you’re starting over. You may be frustrated, to say the least. You might be feeling frustrated with the fact that you have to “pay your dues” again. Starting over from scratch. However, is it a fact? While you can certainly pay for something twice, you’d be overpaying.

First, let’s determine how to uncover if this is what’s happening in your business because it’s not always obvious when your ceiling becomes your floor. Below are two questions to ask yourself:

Do you feel limited?

Feeling limited is extremely frustrating. The reason it’s frustrating is because you know you are too good to be boxed in. Think about the visual image of a ceiling coming down on you until it becomes your floor. The imagery is very claustrophobic and limiting. 

If you’re feeling limited this is a good time to understand what has you limited. 

  • Is it your thoughts? 
  • Is it your business model? 
  • Is it your services? 

All these things can be changed by you when you increase your thinking to the next level in order to grow your business. 

Do you feel like your floor has been raised?

To have your floor raised to your ceiling is also common when you are growing your VA business. It looks something like this, you were once fine with the bare minimum. Anything more you would receive or achieve was extra. Now the bare minimum would never suffice. What you once considered a nice to have is standard. Congratulations, you’ve raised your floor! Now the issue is your floor is on the ceiling which is holding you back from growing to the next level. 

In this instance as well, it’s not about moving to a new house with higher ceilings. The answer lies in the process of growing your VA business to the next level. 

Ceilings are false limits that we often impose on ourselves, limiting us from seeing that we don’t have to start over. Starting over takes far more effort, energy, and time. The ceilings in your business are meant to be broken. If you just keep moving (starting over), when will you ever experience a breakthrough? When you break through the ceiling is when the real magic happens. 

Let’s not hate on the floors though. Floors are necessary because they are our foundation. These are the stable base of the business you’ve already built. Remember when you first started your business and wished you had the stable business you have now? If you abandon what you’ve built, you’re abandoning the foundation you’re standing on and you’ll have to start all over again…pay your dues. Taking risks is a lot easier when you have a safety net. Not to mention, when you’re building a business, you want multiple income streams. Abundance is not about a this or that mentality. It’s about a this and that mindset believing there is always more.

In the next blog, we’ll share a three-step plan for growing your VA business to the next level.

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