Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business Systematically

Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business Systematically

In order to grow your virtual assistant business systematically, you must first have a system in place. It doesn’t need to be hard or complicated. In fact, it shouldn’t be either if you plan to set yourself up for success. The idea of having a system is to do something deliberately. 


Being deliberate sets up your action steps. When you are taking action there will always be a reaction. More importantly, when you are systematically taking action you are able to get predictable reactions. 


  • Focus on a specific area(s) of growth.


Systematic growth is not throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. Focus on something specific in your business that you want to see grow and build a system to support the growth. 


For instance, if your goal is to grow your client base you could create a systematic plan to gain more referrals from your current clients by asking them to refer you. Possibly even sharing email templates or language for them to use. Maybe it’s them making email introductions. 


Another opportunity would be for you to systematically reach out to clients you want to work with. Working to get a certain number of consultations booked each week until you hit your goal. 


If your plan to grow your business is through social media, ensuring a call to action (CTA) and testing different platforms can be done systematically through your online analytics.


  • Network regularly. 


There is value in having a strong network. Your network is two-fold, the people who you create relationships with and the people who feel they have a relationship with you. Consistency is key. A powerful network takes time to cultivate, as well as maintain. 


Networking doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. It does have to be planned and purposeful. 

  • Make a plan for whom you want to network with and why;
  • Decide how much time a week or month you can devote to new outreach, as well as remaining committed to forming deeper relationships with those currently in your network;
  • Understand how you can add value to your network.


  • Take advantage of opportunities. 


Opportunity is literally defined as a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Maybe you refer to it as luck or a surprise. However you define it, know that you can systematically create your own opportunities. 


Call it having a “can-do” attitude or “figure-it-ability” when a potential client wants to pay you money for a service you’ve never done before, don’t immediately turn it down. Learn more about the work, be upfront about your experience, and determine if this is something you feel confident in learning. What’s better than getting paid to learn a new skill and service offering?


Set yourself up for success and business growth, in any situation, by

  • Setting clear expectations and never overpromising and underdelivering;
  • Make sure risks are calculated so no matter the outcome you gave yourself the opportunity to take an opportunity;


Growing your virtual assistant business systematically doesn’t have to be hard. It merely must be deliberate. 


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