Getting Back to Your Virtual Assistant Business pt 4

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In last week’s blog I discussed how getting back to your virtual assistant business should start by assessing the situation, then taking anticipatory steps and planning. In this week’s blog I’ll discuss why using the last quarter of the year is a great time to start or launch a new project.

Did you read a book, take a course, or just decide next year is the year that you are going to do something new? Or perhaps update or expand on a product or service that you’re already offering? The problem with next year is that it’s not now. Shelving something, even if it is planned on your calendar for later is never a good idea.

On the shelf is where things collect dust. We are likely to forget about them. You might even start to make excuses as to why it’s no longer a good idea any longer. There are ways to start now with your virtual assistant business and be ahead of the game in January. Not only are their ways, but there are many advantages!

Advantage #1 – A committed audience or client

There will be excuses of all kinds why this is not a good time of year for your virtual assistant business. You might even have other people feeding you these words. Never forget that there are always two sides of the coin. There is a science to timing, but science still can’t explain the will of man to break boundaries and set new limits.

Anyone who is ready to reach their goals now, which you will help them achieve in one way or another, is not ready to wait. We’ve all seen it. Every January the gyms are packed, the health foods are at the front of the store, home exercise equipment goes on sale. By February, it’s but a faint memory for many. Sure you might get more buzz and excitement waiting until the beginning of the new year to launch, but there is no guarantee that this will be a committed crowd.

Starting with a small but committed group of individuals not only allows for greater feedback but also refinement.

Advantage #2 – A vested audience or client

One of the biggest excuses I routinely hear is that no one has money in the fourth quarter. Is that so? Well, it’s my busiest time of year in business so I know it can’t be 100% true. Also, if no one has any money what are people buying online at all hours of the day and night?

It’s not that people don’t have money in the fourth quarter it’s that they may have more ways and opportunities to spend their money. Are you giving them a good reason to part with their money? There’s a misconception that people have more money at certain times of the year than others and that we know when those times are. Each business, and household for that matter, has its own peak and valley season. Even in the valley people spend money and invest in themselves and their businesses. How many stories have you heard of people spending their last dollars on a course or a coach? Now I’m not advocating for this, but it makes a point.

You are not looking for people with money. Who you are looking for are people that you can assist and serve. An audience you can provide unprecedented value to and those who will be vested in you and your offerings.

Advantage #3 – Pulling ahead of your competition

We often think of the competition as the other guy (or girl). The company who is offering similar services to us. That is but a small portion of the entire equation. You are your biggest competition. However, everyone hits the same walls. It’s what you do when you hit a wall that will determine your level of success.

The wall people hit in the fourth quarter is that of time and commitments. Just about everyone is affected. If you are looking for the perfect time let me be the first to break it to you – it doesn’t exist. You have to make a choice. You have to carve out time. You have to decide what is going to matter years from now. What if tomorrow never came? Is what you want to do in your business important enough to start now?

Is it any wonder your clients are so ambitious this time of year? Of course not! They already know this. It’s why they are successful enough to hire someone like yourself to assist and support them.

When it comes to getting back to your virtual assistant business there is no time like the present. Don’t just get back to business as usual, give back to your business the best that you’ve got to offer!

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