Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why join the AVA

The timing has never been better and the future never brighter! Virtual assistants are in great demand and yet most VAs struggle with feeling valued. As a member of the AVA, you will no longer struggle to know how valued you are and have a like-minded community to remind you whenever you need that extra push. Plus, now when you join the Association of Virtual Assistants you can choose the membership level that suits your business and mindset needs. Take a look at our member benefits.

Q. What immediate problem does the Association of Virtual Assistants solve?

Value. Whether it’s through our like-minded community, VA State of the Industry Report, Member Portal resources, free monthly trainings, or client leads, the AVA values virtual assistants. Furthermore, we value VAs at every stage of their journey. If you are just starting, trying to find clients, building a team, or no longer taking on clients so you can focus on consulting and writing your book – there is value in being an AVA member.

Q. I’m already a part of several VA groups. How is this different?

This is not a group. It is an association. The group you are a part of at the moment is most likely defined by a single VA. The group may have his/her trademarked methodology or service system as an added benefit. The purpose of the Association of Virtual Assistants is not to form a group around any one person’s ideas or objectives. The AVA is committed to valuing you as a VA and providing you with the most trusted sources of information in the VA Industry. We don’t compete with other groups, we collaborate with them.

Q. How much does training cost?

Nothing! The AVA does not believe you should have to pay for training. It’s included with your membership. We have over 80+ videos, resources, guides, located in the member portal and we are adding more each month.  When you join, you have access to them all!

Don’t forget our No Frills VA Podcast where you learn more about the careers of VAs, clients who use VAs and our industry.

Q. How often do you provide training?

The AVA is committed to bringing in at least two (2) guest experts each month (with the exception of December when we have our annual holiday party!). Plus, AVA CEO, Melissa Smith hosts a monthly training answering the hottest topics in the VA industry.

Q. Why is it important to be a part of the Association of Virtual Assistants?

Your membership with the AVA shows both your clients and your peers you are committed to your VA business. Your membership is synonymous with the most trusted source of information in the VA industry. Not to mention, we are on the cutting edge of what is happening in the VA industry and are the only association providing the Industry Standard Pricing Guide and the VA State of the Industry Report. As virtual assistants face new challenges and incredible opportunities the standards, from pricing to protocol, and procedure must be tested and updated. 

Virtual assistants can also suffer from working in their business instead of on their business. When it comes to your virtual assistant business, whether you are just getting started or you are experiencing exponential growth, the AVA knows you need resources to sustain your business and grow in your professional development. The Association of Virtual Assistants is your trusted like-minded community.

Q. Will I fit in?

We are confident you will fit in because we created the Association of Virtual Assistants just for you! The AVA is a very diverse group. From our backgrounds, countries, services, and methodologies ALL VAs are welcome. The AVA community isn’t and doesn’t believe in competition. AVA members are collaborators, people who value training, networking, and give back as much as they give. Of course, we have and welcome our introverted and “silent” members as well. You don’t have to post often to be an engaged, involved, or valued member. The AVA doesn’t value you based on how active you are. You’re valued as a VA business owner.  This is your place to come not only to be supported both personally and professionally but to be that person to someone else as well. It can be lonely at times and it doesn’t have to be. We offer opportunities to network both personally and professionally,

Q. What is the membership commitment?

For the Professional and Evolve membership there is a minimum commitment of three (3) months. The AVA has a lot to offer and without overwhelming you, this gives you ample time to explore the member portal, get comfortable in Slack, and attend at least one networking event. 

For the Visionary membership, the minimum commitment is six (6) months. This coincides directly with the dedicated roundtable that is complimentary with your membership. Additionally, we know that if you are an established VA, your schedule does not afford you the same time to get involved. Within six months we trust that you’ll have taken advantage of your VIP benefits!

Q. What if I don’t know what membership tier I fit into?

The AVA doesn’t want to box anyone in. Don’t worry about fitting in. You already do! Instead, focus on what benefits you would like most to receive and take advantage of. Upgrading your membership at any time is always an option.

Q. How does the AVA deliver results?

We deliver and provide continuing education and a community specifically for Virtual Assistants as the industry evolves and grows by leaps and bounds. Check out our events (business and social) that we have going on.

Q. How do you see the VA industry evolving?

The industry is always evolving and the AVA is at the forefront of defining what a VA is and how they are evolving as well. This includes future pricing, duties performed, and clear paths for growth on a personal and professional level, as well as constantly defining and creating excellence in our industry. Did you download our latest VA State of the Industry report?

Q. What is the #1 reason to become a virtual assistant?

According to the VA State of the Industry report, 98% of respondents say that they became a VA to enjoy freedom and flexibility. What’s even more incredible is that 93% of respondents are enjoying the freedom and flexibility they desired. That’s 9 in 10! What other industry do you know that can say that?