Difficult Decisions Virtual Assistants Make – When Did You Know? Pt. 3

Difficult Decisions Virtual Assistants Make

Difficult decisions virtual assistants make often first come as a result of hearing about and deciding to become a VA. The next step is to acquire the mindset of a CEO, entrepreneur, and business owner. However, having the right mindset doesn’t mean that you won’t have difficult decisions to make. What is does mean is that you’ll be better equipped to answer those questions that come across your desk. 

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Starting out and determining your prices is often challenging for virtual assistants and one of the reasons we created the Industry Standard Pricing Guide: to let you know the minimums you should be charging. Hopefully, help you more easily make that decision. As you grow your business many VAs struggle with timing and their current clients.

Q. The first time you raised your prices, how did you know the time was right? 

Luisa Villatoro, of Your Virtual Assistant Hn, shared “When I started to get better job offers, and when I started to work on big projects, my clients have been always the ones to tell me you deserve more, you need to research the market prices and kinda create your own around that.” 

Many VAs find the timing is when they realize their value like Rhonda Glass of Rhonda Glass Online Business Support, “I was offered a position at a very low rate and after giving it lots of thought realized the value I can bring a company far exceeds what was offered.” 

There is a lot of talk in our industry, as well as many others about earning six figures. I had to ask the question!

Q. When did you know you were well on your way to six or multiple six figures?

Many VAs said they weren’t there yet and were still working their way towards making that kind of income. 

Bonnie Schutz, of Tandem Resource Solutions, LLC said she knew, “When I started aligning myself with and networking with mastermind business owners, leaders, associations, and networks. I learned so much and changed my mindset from getting by to growth mode!” 

I really appreciated what Barbara Grealish had to say, “While I am able to attain a six-figure income, I currently don’t, nor is it a required goal.  By choice, I transitioned from the corporate life to VA to accommodate work and home obligations, both that I place equal importance.  That flexibility and freedom is priceless.”

It’s important to remember that many of us can live comfortable lives without earning six figures. Freedom is the new wealth. Enjoying the freedom and flexibility that so many virtual assistants desired when they first started their business is what drives them. Not someone else’s goal of money to be made.

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