Difficult Decisions Virtual Assistants Make – When Did You Know? Pt. 2

Difficult Decisions Virtual Assistant Make pt 2

Last week we started off slow with the Difficult Decisions Virtual Assistants Make as a business owner. That first decision to learn more about becoming a VA and then taking action to become a virtual assistant are very important steps! As empowering and exciting as it may be to discover your new path and freedom, it’s literally only the beginning.

After years of training VAs and my own personal experience thinking of yourself as the CEO is not always natural – but necessary. 

Q. When did you feel like a CEO or did you feel like a CEO from the beginning? 

Katie Ehle of Ekklesia Marketing and AVA Founding Member said, “I’m still working toward that feeling.”

AVA Founding Member, Barbara Grealish said, “Did I feel like a CEO at the beginning?  Nope! Despite being a career Office Manager & Executive Assistant, taking care of the day-to-day for small companies and C-level execs, it was a challenge in developing the discipline to switch gears and think ‘big picture’ in building, maintaining and marketing my VA business.    

I’m grateful that my execs/clients appreciate the services I provide and equally want to see me succeed.  We have a mutual ‘open door’ policy to ask questions and help each other. On a global scale, belonging to industry associations like AVA, and the OfficeNinjas® community has been a gamechanger and boon to my educational & networking opportunities with like-minded admin & ops pros.  This led to joining a couple of local mastermind groups for face-to-face connections. All of these have boosted my confidence and have provided a wealth of resources to think & work as a CEO.”

The common theme we heard from our members that it was not natural to think of themselves as the CEO of their business. Particularly when you are used to serving the CEO. However, it’s an important mind shift to make and know that you’re not alone. 

An excellent book to read on the topic is, The CEO Next Door. There is no one right or wrong way to be a CEO. Every person has strengths and weaknesses to work towards and fill the gaps. The right behaviors can be learned. The AVA is here to support you and help you ask the right questions of yourself and your business as you grow.

Q. If you use a different title other than VA (OBM, Consultant, Strategist, etc.) when did you know it was time to make the change?

The title of Virtual Assistant is a hot topic even within the industry so I couldn’t wait for members to weigh in on this question!

Luisa Villatoro of Your Virtual Assistant surprised me and does still use the title of VA. I was surprised because of her wide range of skills including technical and design capabilities. However, when you visit her website and LinkedIn profile it made much more sense because she also includes her specific niches and most importantly lists the clients she serves. 

Bonnie Schutz, of Tandem Resource Solutions, LLC, said, “I use CEO/Sr. Admin Recruiter in my business as I no longer actively support clients as a VA.” 

As the topic, Difficult Decisions Virtual Assistants Make, continues to get bounced around from side to side even within the industry it’s important to remember several key factors:

  1. VAs anticipate needs
  2. VAs receive joy from assisting their clients
  3. What title is your client searching for to find you?

While I only keep a few private clients, I identify very much as a virtual assistant and because my business is matchmaking I keep it in my title so as potential clients are searching for virtual assistants I can be found. 

Let us know if you feel like the CEO of your business and how the AVA can assist you. Do you use another title other than virtual assistant? We’d love to know about that too!

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