Difficult Decisions Virtual Assistants Make – When Did You Know? Pt.1

Difficult Decisions Virtual Assistant Make pt 1

Difficult decisions virtual assistants make are all part of being a business owner and an entrepreneur, especially as we head into the time of year where it’s natural to look back and reflect. During your own personal year in review, we thought that many of those who may wish to become a virtual assistant or those currently working as VAs and faced with difficult decisions could benefit from the stories our of AVA members.

I’m super excited to share how our members took their first steps! The difficult decisions virtual assistants make – what were these for them?

First, I thought it would be fun to learn when some of our members first heard the term virtual assistant (VA). I come across people daily who have never heard of a VA and I find it a privilege to educate them. 

AVA Founding Member, Barbara Grealish is definitely a pioneer in the industry and first heard of a VA 15 years ago! Other members ranged from 1-5 years which is quite exciting. It means that people aren’t only hearing about becoming a VA. They are actually taking steps and starting their own virtual business. 

When asked, “What were your initial thoughts about becoming a VA?” there was a definite theme – family and freedom. 

Bonnie Schutz, of Tandem Resource Solutions, LLC,  made an important and yet often overlooked point when answering this question. “My initial thoughts were that I was already a “virtual” assistant at my office job to a traveling C-Level executive, so why not become a VA, do what I already do, and have the comforts and flexibility of working from home and anywhere else I’d like to be instead?”

While going from EA to VA is not always a seamless transition, it is important to realize that most of us have been working virtually already. Possibly while you’re still in the office. If both parties aren’t in the office you are working virtually. Should you still be commuting to work daily, this is an opportunity to make your case to work virtually.

The most successful VAs have one thing in common – they are go-getters. 

When asked, “When did you know it was something you wanted to do?”

I really loved Shannon Vincent’s response. “I left a job last August and dreaded the thought of going back to some corporate office where I hated my job. I have always had really strong computer skills, and I’ve always enjoyed creating operational processes. As I read more about a VA, I got excited about my career path for the first time in a really LONG time. I thought, “I could be really good at this”.

The AVA is proud of VAs like Shannon who take their life, career, and future into their own hands. Shannon is now using all her skills, knowledge, and experience in our own business to benefit clients of SMV Virtual Consulting

What is your story? Comment and share when you first heard the term VA and your initial thoughts on becoming a VA. If becoming a VA is something you are interested in the AVA comment and let us know what kind of support you’re looking for!

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