Determining If Being A Virtual Assistant Is Right For You pt 4

There are privileges to being a virtual assistant vs an employee. This is the final blog post in a four-part series. So far we’ve covered:

The final question to ask yourself is:

  • Do you feel that being a virtual assistant vs an employee is or is not a privilege?

When I ask this question what I often hear is silence or receive blank stares which are then followed by, “What do you mean”? I ask the person to list the privileges virtual assistants are afforded versus their employee cousins, executive and administrative assistants. Quickly I hear about the privileges of freedom, flexibility, no commute, not being chained to a desk, reduced costs, opportunities of travel, time spent with their families, etc. Of course, there can always be a perceived downside and that is the next question.

What privileges don’t you have? The response is the same. Silence. Again, I have to probe further to find out what struggles they are facing. Usually, the answers are either not finding clients or not making enough money. Both are easily addressed. However, if that is the struggle we have to know why they wouldn’t go back into the office or get a job where they earned a salary or hourly wage. Turns out going back into the office is either not an option or viewed as a prison sentence. If that’s the case then being a VA is, in fact, a privilege.

Privileges comes with a price and, yes, sometimes even sacrifices. Privileges don’t mean that you get to cruise through life or business. What it does mean is that you have a special advantage. You get to choose what rights and benefits you can provide your business.

With each privilege and promotion you give yourself as a business owner and entrepreneur you have solved a problem. It also means you have found and are working towards a solution to a new problem.

Becoming a virtual assistant vs an employee comes with privileges, as well as responsibilities and duties. One of our favorite opportunities is to grow as a leader. The AVA will provide education, training, perspectives, and a forum of peers who have gone and are going through similar experiences not solely as a virtual assistant but also as industry leaders.

Joining the Association of Virtual Assistants also comes with its privileges and support specifically for you, the VA. Take advantage of all the privileges and benefits that come with being a VA!

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