Determining If Being A Virtual Assistant Is Right For You pt 3

When it comes to your virtual assistant title or trying to come up with another name for virtual assistant there is more than you think to consider. Part one of this four-part series was, Do you understand what it truly means to assist someone by starting a virtual assistant business? In part two we asked the question, Are you tired of serving clients as a virtual assistant?

The next question in the series is:

  • Does the virtual assistant title no longer resonate with you?

This question takes careful examination. The reason being is that many outside factors including coaches and consultants may have told you already to change your title because it does not resonate with them. Not everyone respects the virtual assistant title. However, your ideal clients do and when they go searching for a VA they are not searching for a consultant or some fancy made up title.

Made up titles are not easily searchable. When you search for a dentist what do you search for? Would you look for an oral health care professional, smile perfector, or would you just type in dentist and then refine your search?

I fell prey to this early on in my career and I never felt less like myself than during this period of time. The coach was trying to elevate me but she didn’t realize that as a virtual assistant I elevated myself. It is my calling, honor, and privilege. Plus, it’s how my clients found me!

If the title no longer serves you there is nothing wrong with that. The point is, it must be your decision and thoughtful choice. No one else’s.

There are plenty of clients, colleagues, and associates who respect what you do and value the work of assistants.

What is your virtual assistant title? Have you tried coming up with another name for virtual assistant but have found you have to explain what you do? Be proud of your Virtual Assistant title! Also, don’t be afraid to add to your title. Add your specializations, certifications, and those you are trained to work for and with.

We know VAs are an integral part of business. This is an association where you are valued by your peers and clients for the work you do. The Association of Virtual Assistants is proud to support, elevate, and uplift virtual assistants. If you are trying to determine if being a VA is right for you we invite you to join now as a founding member to discuss your opportunities and options.

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