Determining If Being A Virtual Assistant Is Right For You pt 1

In the last article, I shared the life cycle of a virtual assistant. Now I’ll begin covering the life cycle in more depth. When you think about starting a virtual assistant business, you need to determine if being a Virtual Assistant is right for you. There are several key questions to ask yourself.

This stage of being a VA is often associated with the beginning of a career, but it can come at any time. Every time you transition in business, add a new service, diversify your income, or begin working with new clients you are, in fact, starting a new phase of your virtual assistant business. You must ask yourself these questions. Sometimes they can be answered quickly and other times it requires much more reflection.

  • Do you understand what it truly means to assist someone by starting a virtual assistant business?
  • Are you tired of serving clients as a virtual assistant?
  • Does the virtual assistant title no longer resonate with you?
  • Do you feel that being a virtual assistant vs employee is or is not a privilege?

There is no right or wrong answer but if you don’t answer truthfully not only will you be doing a disservice to your clients but to yourself.

As every question deserves your full attention take time to answer them separately. I’ll walk you through each separately in a four part series.

  • Do you understand what it truly means to assist someone by starting a virtual assistant business?

In my years of matchmaking and hundreds of consultations with clients there is always a theme. The client feels some kind of burden. Whether they are burdened with lack of time, lack of knowledge, overwhelm, or overworked they are looking for someone to help lift the weight. As a virtual assistant you help carry the load. You don’t do so begrudgingly. It’s what gives you joy. What others may view as a thankless position you view as a place of high honor and your client knows they couldn’t do business without you.

For many of you this is an obvious definition. Not everyone is coming to the field of virtual assistance directly from administrative assistance.

Plus, not everyone who has been an assistant has had the pleasure of assisting and working with someone who appreciated their service. You may have been a great assistant, enjoyed assisting, truly understood what it meant and the person you served could not have truly known what it meant to be served.

If you understand and truly enjoy the act of assisting starting a virtual assistant business is an excellent career path.

The Association of Virtual Assistants supports the life cycle of VAs in all stages of their career and stands by to support you wherever you are in the process. We invite you to join now as a founding member and discuss your opportunities and options further.

You are not alone and don’t have to make isolated decisions. The members of AVA look forward to providing with you with answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask. Life has an uncanny way of providing your next opportunity in the form of a challenge and the AVA is here to provide education, training, perspectives, and a forum of peers who have gone and are going through similar experiences.

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