Creating a Virtual Assistant Vision Board in Canva

Creating a Vision Board

Creating a virtual assistant vision board in Canva is something many Association of Virtual Assistants members are working on at the moment thanks to AVA Member, Nhien Dinh. Nhien recently shared her tips for creating a vision board with ease in Canva. 


Vision board(s) represent our goals and dreams. They can be done for both short-term and long-term goals. The single most important key to creating a vision board is to make it resonate with you. If the photos, words, and placement seem as though they belong to someone else then while you may have created a beautiful board – you have not created a board that accurately represents your vision. For this reason, Nhien loves to use Canva to create custom vision boards. 


Creating vision boards in Canva has many benefits. One of our favorite benefits is that Canva is free to use! 


Here are some of Nhien’s great tips to get started when creating a vision board in Canva.


1.  Customize your structure. If staring at a blank sheet of paper leaves you feeling overwhelmed or as though you have vision block, you are not alone. Working in Canva you can play around with creating structures and outlines as focal points. For instance, Nhien likes to have her big vision images and wording at the top of her vision board and in the center an anchor for the year. Then she carves out space for family and both short-term and long-term goals. The great thing about working in Canva is that you can play around with the format and find out what works best for you in a matter of clicks without having to start all over again. 


2. Customize your creation. Customization is key when it comes to vision boards. Imagining a positive future is a helpful way to increase positive emotions and optimism. However, if your photos don’t look like you want them to or if you are settling on images that are merely “close enough” to your vision, you won’t get the full effect. With Canva, you can customize your colors, your fonts, and your photos. Canva will even recognize colors in photos you upload to help you stay on brand. 


3. Customize your print. Canva makes it easy to print your vision board. While creating online may seem like a no-brainer, we understand VAs still want something tangible they can post in their offices or put into frames. Of course, screensavers for your phones and computers are definitely options too! 


For these reasons alone, Canva is a great tool to create your vision board. However, one of the greatest benefits is to be able to go back in and recreate, redesign, and refine your vision board as often as you like. With traditional vision boards, this would be quite challenging and in some cases not possible. Each time you are able to refine, you are honing in on a vision that has become more clear and that is a good thing! The clearer your vision is, the more you believe it can be a reality, and the more you can feel it becoming a reality which is the point of a vision board. A vision board is your future reality. 


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