Confidently Growing A VA Business Pt. 2

Confidently Growing A VA Business Pt. 2

If you are struggling to confidently grow your virtual assistant business, you’re not alone.

In last week’s blog, we discussed the stifling behaviors that arise from a lack of confidence. We also shared what confidence is and really looks like.

Now let’s cover the four (4) types of confidence we can use to grow our VA businesses confidently.

  1. “Youthful” Confidence
  2. Affirming Confidence
  3. Done it Confidence
  4. Educated Confidence

Remember, being confident doesn’t mean you know it all. It’s not about being perfect or even the best at everything. Confidence is about trusting yourself. Since it’s easier to have confidence when you know why you trust yourself, knowing the type of confidence you want to draw from is key.

Youthful Confidence

Youthful confidence is also called unwarranted confidence. We refer to it as youthful confidence because basically, you have confidence for seemingly no reason. We respect VAs who have this type of confidence because it means that they are often scared, but they do the thing they’re scared of anyway.

You can be scared and confident at the same time. When implementing this type of confidence, think of yourself as an adrenaline junkie and have fun with it as a child would!

Affirming Confidence

This is the type of confidence we grow into based on the affirmations (and thoughts) we tell ourselves.

  • I expect success today.
  • I do not care what other people think.
  • I take daily steps toward my goals and I know they’re working.

You are not faking anything. On the contrary, you are learning to be anticipatory with your thoughts because you know that thoughts become things.

Done it Confidence

We call “done it” confidence because you’ve already done something like this before. You’re drawing on your past success to propel yourself forward. This is your comfort zone.

Educated Confidence

Educated confidence draws from the effort you have or are putting into something. For instance, because you’ve put in the work, i.e., took a class, read a book, worked with a coach, etc. you are confident that your educated efforts will pay off.

This is also where many VAs get stuck because they don’t move from educated effort to action and actually start charging for the work they’ve taught themselves or have been taught. One of the best actions you can take is to conduct case studies. You’ll be able to find confidence and clients in the process!

When you know what type of confidence you need and when you are on your way to confidently growing your VA business!

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