Confidently Growing A VA Business Pt. 1

Confidently Growing Your VA Business Pt. 1

Confidently growing a virtual assistant business is one of the most common long-term goals for VAs. Yet, the most common missing ingredient is confidence. 

Lack of confidence can appear at any place and at any given time. Sometimes it shows up suddenly and sometimes it creeps in over time. The behaviors of lacking confidence are stifling. 

  1. Perfectionism – Perfectionism tells you you haven’t done enough no matter what you do. It also causes you to set unrealistic expectations, which when not met, attempt to reinforce the lie that you shouldn’t be confident. 
  2. Avoidance / Burnout – You begin to avoid work and/or burnout in your business because you’re not confident in your abilities, thus not leveraging your best talents. You begin to try the procedures of others who have been successful even though it doesn’t leverage your own talents and abilities. There is no space for you to be confident in these activities.
  3. Fear of Failure –  Fear of failure has you quitting before you even give yourself a chance to win. You hold back in the name of getting it just right (there’s your old friend perfectionism). In a strange plot twist, you live out your failure as though it happened. Then you think about it again the next time you have an idea or opportunity to try something new. You eventually live the failure as though it actually happened. 

It’s almost impossible to grow a VA business in this manner, let alone confidently. 

It’s time to see confidence for what it really is and how it defines us. 

Confidence is the feeling or belief that you can rely on yourself. You trust yourself. What do you trust yourself to do? 

Confidence is the state of feeling certain about the truth. What do you know is true for you?

Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. What are you doing to appreciate your abilities? 

What confidence is not, is the feeling, belief, or assurance that you know everything. Or that you are required to know everything. This should definitely provide you with some relief. 

Running a business, and confidently growing a VA business, takes a lot of different abilities, talents, and skill sets. All of which you are not required to possess. Just like the clients you serve, your job is simply to do what you’re good at and hire the support to do the rest. If you have the ability to figure things out, then you trust yourself with the confidence to grow a VA business confidently. 

In next week’s blog, we’re going to cover the four (4) types of confidence we can use to grow our VA businesses confidently. 

in our business

  1. “Youthful” Confidence
  2. Affirming Confidence
  3. Done it Confidence
  4. Educated Confidence


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