Instagram for Virtual Assistants

Grow your business with Instagram!
After taking Shannon's course and you'll be able to: 
  • Grow your personal brand;
  • Create the best images & content;
  • Use the best geotags & hashtags;
  • Get more audience engagement & lead generation;
  • Have powerful Instagram Stories;
  • Get more done in less time using Shannon’s Most Valuable Planner

Facebook Ads for Virtual Assistants

Create Facebook Ads That Work Like MAGIC!
Are you able to keep up with the client demand to create Facebook Ads? Take Sarah's course and you'll be able to: 
  • Build audiences (audiences that buy!);
  • Create the 3 different types of ads to run;
  • Make sure you and your client's aren't wasting money;
  • Use Sarah's favorite FREE tools to create cool ads;
  • Create campaign strategies;
  • Understand when to create static ads versus live steam;
  • So much more!
travel planning

Ultimate Guide to Executive Travel Planning

Planning Travel Like A BOSS!
No matter how long you’ve been planning travel, this is a course you shouldn’t be planning travel without!
  • Ins and outs of domestic, international, and LUXURY travel;
  • Travel and emergency situations;
  • The travel myths that will surprise you;
  • Downloads and templates included;
  • What you get in the ULTIMATE cheat sheet! 

MeetEdgar for Virtual Assistants

Take the MeetEdgar for Virtual Assistants certification and have clients reaching out to you!
  • How to consistently schedule comprehensive content to increase your client’s social media presence;
  • Leverage your clients’ thought leadership;
  • What hashtags you want to be using on different platforms;
  • How to engage easily with your audience!

TEDx for Virtual Assistants 

Want to attract more clients in​​​​ the high-demand and rapidly growing field of TEDx speakers? 
  • Learn what gets your clients on the TEDx stage;
  • The information to compile for your clients so you can apply to multiple venues;
  • How to apply successfully on their behalf! 

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