Virtual assistants with the right courses
are valued by clients!

The AVA is excited to partner with leading industry experts to provide you certification opportunities at an exclusive AVA member discount that set the industry standard - not follow the trend. 

In the VA State of the Industry Report, 65% of respondents said that their skillset was the primary reason they were valued by their clients. Do you have the right skillset? 

When we researched potential clients we found that certain certifications matter to them. Do you remember when being Microsoft Office Certified was all the rage? In today’s fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, client needs are changing just as fast. Before they hire a VA they want to know that the VA has the skills, expertise, and the experience to not only perform the work, but to help them strategize as a partner in their business. When you complete the certification and put that badge on your website and social media profiles, clients will instantly know you are the trusted VA to hire!

AVA Members receive an exclusive discount and internship benefits!

meetedgar for virtual assistants

Take the MeetEdgar for Virtual Assistants certification and have clients reaching out to you!
  • How to consistently schedule comprehensive content to increase your client’s social media presence;
  • Leverage your clients’ thought leadership;
  • What hashtags you want to be using on different platforms;
  • How to engage easily with your audience!


Create Facebook Ads That Work Like Magic! Are you able to keep up with the client demand to create Facebook Ads? After taking Sarah's course and you'll be able to:  

  • Build audiences (audiences that buy!);
  • Create the 3 different types of ads to run;
  • Make sure you and your client's aren't wasting money;
  • Use Sarah's favorite FREE tools to create cool ads;
  • Create campaign strategies;
  • Understand when to create static ads versus live steam;
  • So much more!

Podcasting for Virtual Assistants

Podcasting the NEW Blogging! After taking Fei's course and you'll be able to: 

  • Understand Podcast Strategy and Production 101
  • Gain Podcast Clients and set the VA Onboarding Expectations
  • Create the Proper Task Management for the Client and Yourself
  • Manage Social Media Content to Blog and Show Notes
  • Promote the Podcast; Repurpose Content; Create the Right Podcast Website, 
  • Have Your Podcasts Transcribed Easily!
  • Create A Podcast Growth, Monetization and Affiliate Marketing Strategy!
  • Create A User Friendly Content Calendar

Audacity for Podcasts

After taking Fei's course and you'll be able to: 

  • Basics and advanced features inside Audacity; 
  • How to build your own podcast template;
  • Create the Proper Task Management for the Client and Yourself;
  • How music licensing works;
  • Plus ready-to-use templates and resources.