Branding Your Virtual Assistant Business

Branding Your Virtual Assistant Business

Branding your virtual assistant business is an exciting time! Branding your VA business means you are not only confident in your business and making your mark in the industry, it means you have clearly defined the audience and clientele you are speaking to. 

It’s not uncommon for virtual assistants to brand and rebrand their business. If you feel frustrated due to the need to rebrand, don’t be discouraged. In fact, know that all businesses undergo some kind of rebranding in order to stay current and competitive. It’s simply part of the business process. 

Think about branding also as a learning and growth opportunity. You are learning more about your business. Here are some of the most common questions you are now able to answer. 

What makes my business the best?

What makes my business unique?

Why do clients hire me instead of another VA?

What type of clients are attracted to my business?

How do I speak directly to clients through my branding?

Every year you are in business, you are learning and growing and these questions become more easily answered. Your responses become more and more refined. 

The key to rebranding is to make sure that when you do, you don’t alienate the clients who have been your core and those you want to keep by trying to attract new clients. 

This month the AVA is going to be covering the do’s and don’ts of branding and rebranding, as well as share an AVA member story of successful branding. 

Assisting our members in the successful branding of their virtual assistant business is a benefit of membership in the Association of Virtual Assistants

Another benefit is our monthly guest expert training. In October, the AVA is bringing in guest expert, bestselling author, and international speaker Jeffrey Shaw. Monday, October 26th Jeffrey will be speaking to AVA members on brand messaging and why it matters. In order for your branding and rebranding efforts to be successful, you will need more than an eye catching logo and beautiful website. Your branding must speak to your ideal customers and clients.  

Branding is about being specific and yet authentic. It’s about daring to be bold enough to be authentically you and confident enough to be specific in your message knowing that your clients will want to work with you based on your message.  

What does your brand message say about you?

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