Branding Your Virtual Assistant Business: Who is Watching?

Branding Who's Watching

Do you ever wonder who is watching or paying attention to the branding of your virtual assistant business? 

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Branding Your Virtual Assistant Business

There is always someone watching. The question is really, Should you be followed?  

You see, there is a lot of noise your current and potential clients have to filter through to get to you. When they find you, whether it is next week or next year, what will your clients find? 

Your personal brand doesn’t end with your website or social media profiles. It’s never-ending. What your audience is watching for is to see if you remain relevant. It’s not, What have you done? It’s, What have you done lately? 

It’s impossible to know when your next big client or opportunity will find you. What you do have control over is making sure that you are relevant and on brand when you are found. 

Does your content match your brand? 

Are you sharing useful tips and information that speaks to your brand? 

When you comment on social media posts is it the voice of your brand? 

You only get one chance to make a first impression, but the beauty and the curse of the internet are that it could be an impression of you from years ago, on a bad day, or taking part in conversations on your professional social media channels that reflect on your brand. 

So what do you do when the world is watching? You show up and show up on brand often. 

  1. The more often you create content to share, the less someone has to go digging to learn more about you. 
  2. The more you give and share useful tips and information, the more you receive. 
  3. The more you positively engage in the name of your brand, the more potential clients feel like they truly know you. 

Let the world watch and let your personal brand speak volumes! 

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