Branding Your Virtual Assistant Business: What’s Missing?

Branding What's Missing

Branding your virtual assistant business is essential, but do you know what’s missing most often? 

The AVA’s last blog post discussed what can wait and what can’t wait when it comes to branding your VA business. 

In your personal branding a strong and authentic voice of who you are, how you assist clients, and why clients hire you is a must. However, you can do all these things and still not gain more clients. In fact, you can deter clients and not for the reasons you might think. 

When you share your personal brand, you are sharing your personal story. Your personal journey. All the things that brought you to the place where you are today. Getting personal and staying true to your authentic self is a great way to brand your business and attract clients to you. It doesn’t mean clients will take the next step and hire you. 

What’s missing is where they fit into your business. 

Clients aren’t taking the next step because you haven’t been true to you.

Clients aren’t taking the next step to hire you because they want to respect your boundaries. 

Any time you create a very personal brand and space, you are setting boundaries and that’s a good thing. What isn’t good, and often missing, is when clients have your permission to cross the boundary and become part of your personal brand. 

Branding or rebranding is most definitely about your virtual assistant business. Never forget that if the client only sees you and not themselves they won’t feel comfortable to reach out or work with you because you haven’t given them that permission. 

Here are some steps you can take to have the right clients connect and hire you through your personal brand message:

  1. Describe your ideal clients – not just the work you do for them.  

Just about everyone could use a great VA. You don’t want to work with everyone. Your personal brand caters to specific clients. Call them out!

2. Describe your ideal working outcomes. 

Like attracts like. Your ideal outcomes will be your client’s ideal outcomes. 

3. Describe your client’s pain points.

While many clients want the same outcomes their pain points are uniquely different.  

Never miss an opportunity to attract and convert those attracted to your personal brand into clients!

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