How AVA COE, Tammy Lorette, Practices Gratitude


Not everyone knows what COE stands for, it’s Chief Officer of Engagement. I remember the first time I read the term in a book I was reading. I highlighted, circled, and starred it. I also wrote down Tammy’s name next to it. As the AVA, COE Tammy has no easy task because her role is very front of the lines. I was excited to know how she practices gratitude knowing that so much of what she does is posted on social media. 

Let’s hear how Tammy practices gratitude while not only being the COE of the AVA, running Your Virtual Assistant BFF Facebook group with over 6,000 members, serving clients, and being a mother, daughter, sister, and friend. 

Q. What is or do you have a formal process of making sure you stay grateful?

I would not say that it is a formal process but (almost) every day I try to remind myself of how far I have come, how strong I am, what I have been through and that without gratitude I would not be where I am.  Sometimes, I write these down and sometimes I will write a post or an email or a message to someone to thank them for being in my life and for how much they mean to me.  

Q. How do you practice gratitude?

I write things down.  I don’t do this every night but I like to do it regularly.  I also like to create a post or a message to someone, in particular, to show my gratitude to them.  

Q. Are you participating in gratefulness or gratitude challenges at the moment?

No I am not.  I would like to though! 

Q. Do you have any gratefulness or gratitude practices you share with your clients?

I am big on affirmations as it is part of my love language and something I also like to do to give back to my clients.  I send a lot of shout outs, messages, comments, images, memes, etc just to let them know that I am so grateful for them.  

Q. It’s been very busy and I know the AVA has added to that. What’s your secret for being grateful and showing gratitude when things aren’t going well or you feel overwhelmed?

I actually like to be busy even though sometimes it can be stressful when I get in over my head.  I like to remind myself that being busy is better than not being busy at all. I also like to remind myself that I am part of something that is huge to me.  I love supporting VA’s and being part of AVA allows me to do that. I believe in this industry and so even when I feel a little overwhelmed, I like to remind myself that I really love all of this!  Being on an amazing team helps too! Xo 

Q. Will you share a time when you were joyfully overwhelmed when someone showed how grateful they were for you?

When I started my VA Business back up a couple of years ago and started to work with some local women in business, I never imagined that the women that I was working with would become so important and so special to me.  Back in April of this year, I was at the end of a contract with a local client. I had been working with her to plan an all-day workshop. As much as I was overwhelmed with my new clients, with AVA, and with planning this new workshop I felt like it was just part of what I did every day and I loved it.  

The morning of the workshop I was running around making sure everything was running smoothly before the event got started.  During the opening announcements, my client was announcing the upcoming speakers, telling everyone the agenda for the day and in the end she said that she couldn’t have done everything on her own and out came this amazing shout-out to me.  It was so unexpected. I had a hard time fighting back the tears. I don’t expect these things to happen but when they do, I kinda love it… 😉 She was extremely grateful for all that I had done for her and I am forever grateful to her to be in her life!  

Q. Is there a favorite quote, poem, or saying that always reminds you to be grateful?

I receive these emails from the universe each day.  They often resemble what I am going through in my life and always remind that I need to be grateful for where I am and that I am always where I am supposed to be.  My favorite quote is ‘Everything happens for a reason’ So, even when I think that things might not be going so great for me, I know that things will always work out and I am grateful for the lessons that I am learning. 

Q. Looking back at 2019 I’m sure there are many things you’re grateful for, but does anything stand out as particularly unexpected?

This seems a bit backwards as I am writing this on a day where things have changed a lot in the past couple of weeks but back in February I was in a much different place. I was struggling to find clients, I was down and out financially and Melissa came to me with an opportunity for a new client.  We made the connection and within 1-week we started to work together. I was busier than I ever thought I could be and I loved it. I was so grateful to Melissa for thinking about me in regards to this client as it gave me the confidence to move forward and I have learned so much in the past 7 months.  

Also being part of AVA! Not only being part of the AVA community but being part of such an amazing team.  I know that Melissa, Kiri, and Mimi always have my back. I can reach out to them at any time and for that, I am so grateful! 

Q. Looking towards 2020 what are you already grateful for?

I am already grateful as I look at the growth we have experienced and the goals that we have set for AVA!  I am bound and determined to reach those goals and to set some more. Parts of 2019 have been rough but I also believe that the hard times have put me on the road to where I am truly meant to be.  I needed to go through the hard times to get to where I really want to be. I love being a VA and I love working from home. I love the freedom that I have and I am looking forward to a year in 2020 that is filled with more firsts, more happiness, more love, more travel, more connections and more growth.  

Q. The AVA and its members are very grateful for you! What gratitude would you like to give back? 

I would like to give a huge shout out to all the AVA members that have been with us since day one, that have joined us as new members, that have grown through the benefits that we offer and that share their knowledge, their questions, their belief in us and their strength that this industry is growing and we all need to stick together.  I am proud to be part of AVA and I love this team and the members that we support every day!  

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