Freedom and Flexibility as a Virtual Assistant

Freedom and Flexibility As A Virtual Assistant

Freedom and flexibility is the number one reason for becoming a virtual assistant. More importantly, 98% of virtual assistants are experiencing the freedom and flexibility they desired when becoming a VA. For this detail and more, be sure to check out the VA State of the Industry Report. 


While you may be surprised to hear that 98% of VAs experience the freedom and flexibility they desire, you are most likely not surprised that it’s the number one reason for becoming a VA. Not to mention, there isn’t a VA coach, mentor, or consultant who doesn’t have a system devised to help you design the life of your dreams. 


This is important to note because most VAs don’t know that by coming into the industry they are entering a lifestyle business. It’s very different from other businesses. Instead of creating your work and then integrating your lifestyle into it, a virtual assistant designs their life first and then integrates their work into it. 


Now, this doesn’t happen overnight. No one is going to hire you so you can live the lifestyle of your dreams. They are going to hire you to live the lifestyle of theirs. However, even in this situation, it’s a win-win.


So, if 98% of VAs are living the lifestyle of their dreams and experiencing the freedom and flexibility they desire, why is the Association of Virtual Assistants taking the time to write about it? It’s because it doesn’t usually happen on the first go around. 


The first time around it’s hard to create something new because we are hard-wired into past norms, routines, patterns, and what we’ve already done. You’re very likely to create what you know already. Or, if you want to create a lifestyle that’s different from what you keep seeing, it can feel awkward and even isolating in an already isolated environment like remote working. 


Over the next several weeks, AVA members are going to be sharing their stories and personal journeys to the freedom and flexibility they desired and achieved. Be sure when you are reading to remember that if it doesn’t sound like the lifestyle you would choose that’s okay. Their lifestyle wasn’t meant for you and yours wasn’t meant for them. What you really want to hone in on is that they designed and customized their work and life which is the ultimate! 


Additionally, for AVA members we will have Sara Wiles, Online Business Mentor for VAs as a guest expert speaking on the topic on designing the business that fits into your lifestyle during the month of July. 


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