Determining If Being A Virtual Assistant Is Right For You pt 2

Virtual Assistant

In the first blog post we asked you the question, Do you understand what it truly means to assist someone by starting a virtual assistant business? The next question in this four-part series to ask yourself is,

  • Your virtual assistant clients, are you tired of serving them?

When consulting with virtual assistants many times they aren’t really tired of serving. What they are tired of is serving the wrong client. It’s completely understandable. Whenever there is not a good match you don’t have the opportunity to get joy from serving.

If you can honestly say you are working with your dream clients and it no longer gives you joy, then being a VA is no longer a good fit for you. This should not be seen as a bad thing. Changing careers is not the worst thing in the world. In many cases it can be the best thing in the world. You deserve to do the work you love every single day.

Another possibility is that your ideal client may have changed. You may not get joy from serving those you love working with because you no longer find it challenging. When you don’t feel challenged in your work serving doesn’t have the same outcome. It could be time to figure out your new challenge and if it is still in the realm of virtual assistance.

The Association of Virtual Assistants is here to help. Whether you would like support in gaining virtual assistant clients, valuable perspective from your fellow VAs, get feedback on your next steps, or even help your clients find a new virtual assistant, these aren’t decisions you have to make on your own.

Don’t allow yourself to get to the point where you are tired of serving clients as a virtual assistant. Join the AVA now and explore all the options available to you.

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