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How AVA CEO, Melissa Smith, Practices Gratitude

What a year it’s been! It’s really been the year where a lot of my dreams came true. At times I cry with overwhelming joy because my heart is so full. Other times I become the GIF queen and laugh until I cry.  Practicing gratitude is what kept me going for the last several years. […]

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How AVA CMO, Mimi Klosterman, Practices Gratitude

Mimi is a woman of few words. However, her words are chosen carefully and have great impact. A lot of people mistake the CMO’s role for merely front-end work. What the client and customer will see. There is so much more to it! Mimi is responsible for making sure the information is captured properly, collecting […]

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Starting Your VA Business pt 1 – Most Common & Costly Mistakes VAs Make

Starting your VA business is an exciting time! We at the Association of Virtual Assistants (AVA) love to support and celebrate in the excitement with you! However, we wouldn’t be providing you a service if we didn’t make you aware of some of the most common and costliest mistakes virtual assistants make during this stage. During the life […]

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