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A Year in Review as a Virtual Assistant – Pt.2

This blog series is a year in review as virtual assistants who are at the forefront of client services, experiences, and assisting to share what they have observed and what they are forecasting for the future. In last week’s blog series we discussed online learning, where clients of virtual assistants are and where VAs are […]

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How AVA CMO, Mimi Klosterman, Practices Gratitude

Mimi is a woman of few words. However, her words are chosen carefully and have great impact. A lot of people mistake the CMO’s role for merely front-end work. What the client and customer will see. There is so much more to it! Mimi is responsible for making sure the information is captured properly, collecting […]

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How AVA COO, Kiri Mohan, Practices Gratitude

How AVA COO, Kiri Mohan, Practices Gratitude In the States, November is often viewed as the month of giving thanks and practicing gratitude. In part, due to the Thanksgiving holiday and getting closer to the end of the year has us reflecting. Practicing gratitude is important for everyone. This month’s blog series I’ve decided to […]

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Difficult Decisions Virtual Assistants Make – When Did You Know? Pt. 3

Difficult Decisions Virtual Assistants Make

Difficult decisions virtual assistants make often first come as a result of hearing about and deciding to become a VA. The next step is to acquire the mindset of a CEO, entrepreneur, and business owner. However, having the right mindset doesn’t mean that you won’t have difficult decisions to make. What is does mean is […]

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Productivity Tips for Virtual Assistants – Get Adminja – Part 4

Productivity Tips

Productivity tips – here’s one of my best… Virtual assistants love their tools. We all have our favorites. There is no one right or wrong platform. There is, however, a platform that was created just for you – Adminja! This is productivity on steroids! Adminja is the all-in-one client management solution designed exclusively for virtual […]

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Productivity Tips for Virtual Assistants – De-Stressing Your Life – Part 2

On last week’s productivity post, I left you with one of my new favorite quotes, “Rest is the new hustle”. If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to check it out.  Productivity tips for virtual assistants is not an easy topic to write about. I know how productive VAs are! This series is […]

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Productivity Tips for Virtual Assistants – Rest Is The New Hustle – Part 1

Writing a blog post on productivity tips for virtual assistants to some of the most productive people in the workforce is no easy task. In fact, you’ll never see me sharing articles on productivity on any of my personal business platforms for three reasons.  The first reason is that for our clients, I don’t believe […]

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