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Membership Provides You With Referrals

Membership Provides Referrals

The Association of Virtual Assistants membership provides you with referrals and this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The idea behind creating the AVA came from Founder and CEO Melissa Smith’s bestselling books and her findings as the premier VA Matchmaker in the industry. The AVA was designed to answer the number one question of both […]

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Membership With Unlimited Possibilities

Membership Unlimited Possibilities

When you join the Association of Virtual Assistants, you are gifting yourself a membership with unlimited possibilities. We know this because when we asked in our Virtual Assistant State of the Industry Survey, “Are you enjoying the freedom and flexibility you desire?”, 93.6% of the respondents answered “Yes!” When Freedom is the New Wealth, then […]

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The AVA State of the VA Industry Report – Following the Mindset Money Trail

Money Mindset Trail

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to follow the mindset money trail. By the end of this blog, you will know exactly how to follow the money trail and the mindset it takes.  When it comes to money and the earning potential of a VA, the first question many will ask is, “How much […]

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Partnerships Created For Must-Have Business Knowledge – WordPress 101

Virtual Assistants WP101

The Association of Virtual Assistants partnership with WordPress 101 was created for must-have business knowledge. In our blog regarding the AVA’s partnership with Erin Booth on executive travel planning speaks to the value of knowledge for virtual assistants. If you are a virtual assistant for any length of time you will be working in WordPress. […]

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Partnerships Built For Virtual Assistants – Adminja

Virtual Assistant Adminja

Whom the Association of Virtual Assistants partners with really does matter. Not all partners have the same endgame in mind regarding what is best for virtual assistants. As virtual assistants we have unique needs, not just in the ways we assist clients, but as business owners. Adminja realized this, saw a gap in the market, […]

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Partnerships That Help You Be The Most Valuable Assistant – Executive Travel

Executive Assistant Travel

Being an executive virtual assistant (EVA) can put anyone to the ultimate test. The pressures to make the impossible possible with demanding executives is one of the traits of the best EVAs. In these times, EVAs are being put to new tests. The Association of Virtual Assistants is proud of our virtual assistants who have […]

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Partnerships That Help You Grow Your Business – Facebook Ads

facebook ads

The Association of Virtual Assistants is committed to providing members with opportunities for partnerships that help them grow their businesses.  Virtual assistants at all stages in their business want to grow their businesses. Whether it is to gain their first client, have a full book of business, grow a team or agency, or expand to […]

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Meet your Association of Virtual Assistants Slack Ambassadors

Slack Ambassadors

The role of the chosen Association of Virtual Assistants Slack Ambassadors is to use his/her strengths within the Slack platform. The goal of the AVA Slack Ambassador program is to assist, engage, and support members in the AVA Slack community. This includes understanding how to use Slack, real-time support, feedback, and a safe space where […]

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Meet your AVA Adminja Ambassador

Heather Nitch

The role of the chosen Association of Virtual Assistants Adminja Ambassador is to use his/her strengths within the Adminja platform. Our goal for the AVA Adminja Ambassador program is to raise awareness of the AVA, model the industry standards by fostering online and in-person relationships, bringing value to virtual assistants and clients through our industry-standard initiatives. […]

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