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Virtual Assistant and Goal Setting In 2020 Pt. 2

In the second week of January 2020, you may have discovered your goals for this year are coming together nicely. Or you may find yourself juggling not only your goals but your clients’ too. It can be easy to start right out of the gate but much like the crowded

Virtual Assistant and Goal Setting In 2020 Pt. 1

It’s January 2020 and many of us, no matter what business you’re in, have been thinking about our new goals for several months. This year we didn’t just end another year we began a new decade. Not to mention there is a lot that goes into goal setting – if

A Year in Review As A Virtual Assistant Pt. 5

This blog series is a year in review as virtual assistants who are on the forefront of client services, experiences, and assisting to share what they have observed and what they are forecasting for the future The Year in Review As A Virtual Assistant blog series is now coming to

A Year in Review As A Virtual Assistant Pt. 4

This blog series is a year in review as virtual assistants who are at the forefront of client services, experiences, and assisting to share what they have observed and what they are forecasting for the future. The Year in Review As A Virtual Assistant blog series is now moving to

A Year in Review As A Virtual Assistant Pt. 3

This is the third blog in the Year in Review As A Virtual Assistant blog series. We have already discussed online courses and social media. We’ve been looking at the numerous changes and opportunities for virtual assistants and the clients we serve. There are a lot! Now let’s talk about

A Year in Review as a Virtual Assistant – Pt.2

This blog series is a year in review as virtual assistants who are at the forefront of client services, experiences, and assisting to share what they have observed and what they are forecasting for the future. In last week’s blog series we discussed online learning, where clients of virtual assistants

A Year in Review as a Virtual Assistant – Part 1

This blog series is a year in review as virtual assistants who are on the forefront of client services, experiences, and assisting to share what they have observed and what they are forecasting for the future. As a virtual assistant things are constantly changing. Some clients hire you to pioneer

How AVA CEO, Melissa Smith, Practices Gratitude

What a year it’s been! It’s really been the year where a lot of my dreams came true. At times I cry with overwhelming joy because my heart is so full. Other times I become the GIF queen and laugh until I cry.  Practicing gratitude is what kept me going

How AVA CMO, Mimi Klosterman, Practices Gratitude

Mimi is a woman of few words. However, her words are chosen carefully and have great impact. A lot of people mistake the CMO’s role for merely front-end work. What the client and customer will see. There is so much more to it! Mimi is responsible for making sure the

How AVA COO, Kiri Mohan, Practices Gratitude

How AVA COO, Kiri Mohan, Practices Gratitude In the States, November is often viewed as the month of giving thanks and practicing gratitude. In part, due to the Thanksgiving holiday and getting closer to the end of the year has us reflecting. Practicing gratitude is important for everyone. This month’s

virtual assistant business

Getting Back to Your Virtual Assistant Business pt 4

In last week’s blog I discussed how getting back to your virtual assistant business should start by assessing the situation, then taking anticipatory steps and planning. In this week’s blog I’ll discuss why using the last quarter of the year is a great time to start or launch a new

virtual assistant business

Getting Back to Your Virtual Assistant Business pt 3

Summer has a natural way of changing how we run our virtual assistant business. However, as VAs we are natural planners so it’s no surprise that many of us will be planning and fine tuning for the last quarter of the year a few months ahead of time. Of course,

Running Your Virtual Assistant Business While Traveling

Running your virtual assistant business while traveling — is it really possible? Over the last few weeks two of our AVA members, Jaime Feinberg & Lizabeth Wesley-Casella, shared their best tips for not only operating their virtual assistant businesses while traveling but caretaking and being a full-time RVer. I get

Travel While Working

Travel While Working As A Virtual Assistant Pt 2

Travel while working, is it possible? In last week’s blog post, Association of Virtual Assistants founding member, Jamie Feinberg, shared her story of how she became a VA and full-time RVer. Now Jamie will share how she runs a successful business and what you should know if you would like

Travel While Working

Travel While Working As A Virtual Assistant Pt 1

Travel While Working… Being a virtual assistant doesn’t necessarily mean you are a stay-at-home mom. What it does mean is that you work from wherever you are, not where your clients are. This creates a lot of opportunities for those who wish to take advantage of such a lifestyle. Association

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Traveling, Caretaking & Being a Virtual Assistant

Not all virtual assistants are stay-at-home moms. However, that doesn’t mean that a virtual assistant is not taking care of a loved one. Virtual Assistants take care of many challenging situations for their clients, as well as their families. Many of those family demands come in the form of caretaking

Anja Riemer-Grobe

VA for a Day – Anja Riemer-Grobe

Anja Riemer-Grobe I’m supporting online business owners with a big vision to shift their business from struggle, overwhelm and inefficiency to a structured holistic business with all systems and processes in place to run smoothly. By giving them the individual strategies, implementation service and support structures needed to have peace

Ericka Pardun

VA for a Day – Ericka Pardun

Ericka Pardun Ericka Pardun is a Techie VA/Certified OBM combo with over 10 years of experience working in a variety of capacities. I love working on making technology work for others and making things more efficient. Connect With Ericka Pardun: Website: Why I recommend AVA: I think this group is filled

Jamie Feinberg

VA for a Day – Jamie Feinberg

Jamie Feinberg Jamie Feinberg is an experienced administrator, educator and performing artist, I’ve worked as a leader in arts administration, performance and education. Connect With Jamie Feinberg: LinkedIn: Why I recommend AVA: AVA is a wonderful group of extremely supportive VA’s. There’s always someone there with an answer to a question

Sharon Foster

VA for a Day – Sharon Foster

Sharon Foster Sharon Foster provides Executive Virtual Assistance to busy entrepreneurs and real estate professionals, taking care of the administrative details so you can focus on doing what you love and growing your business. Connect With Sharon Foster: Website: Why I recommend AVA: AVA is a wonderful group of extremely supportive

Keisha Page

VA for a Day – Keisha Page

Keisha Page She helps premium health and wellness businesses create captivating content so that they can reach their ideal customers, generate more revenue, and gain authority in their industry. Connect With Keisha Page: Website: Why I recommend AVA: AVA has given me the opportunity to network with other VA’s, to find

Callie Milen

VA for a Day – Callie Milen

Callie Milen Callie Milen works with Vegan Entrepreneurs. Veganism is my passion and I want to help business owners spread the cause while also helping them keep their mind on revenue producing activities! Connect With Callie Milen: Website: Why I recommend AVA: It is like having a team on your side!

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella

VA for a Day – Lizabeth Wesely-Casella

Lizabeth Wesely Casella Lizabeth Wesely Casella is a professional VA specializing in small business, executive and entrepreneur support. I have 20+ years supporting private and non-profit groups and I recently started to build L-12 Services, my VA & Business Consulting brand. I speak and advocate for eating disorders and weight

Diana Aitchison

VA for a Day – Diana Aitchison

Diana Aitchison Diana Aitchison supports technology entrepreneurs and startups with their day to day business operations needs. I’m passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs and am gratified to work with several outstanding women owned and run organizations. Connect With Diana Aitchison: LinkedIn: Why I recommend AVA: Community, advocacy, inspiration and continued learning.

Bonnie Schutz

VA for a Day – Bonnie Schutz

Bonnie Schutz Bonnie Schutz has been a career Executive Admin that 2 years ago decided to venture out of corporate America into the land of virtual assisting. I created my company Tandem Resource Solutions (TRS) as a VA and recruiter of admins for in-office positions. I now manage an agency

Deanna Monet

VA for a Day – Deanna Monet

Deanna Monet Deanna Monet is a natural born organizer who would love to help you take the overwhelm out of your day so you can focus on the more important things, growing your business! Connect With Deanna Monet: Website: Why I recommend AVA: A wonderful place for VA’s to network and

Katie Ehle

VA for a Day – Katie Ehle

Katie Ehle She has over 15 years of marketing and creative design experience. She strives to help marketing agencies and small companies with all their marketing needs. Ekklesia Marketing is a full white labeling agency that can help provide the workforce your agency needs. Connect With Katie Ehle: Website: Why

Virtual Assistant Business

Running Your Virtual Assistant Business During the Summer Pt 2

Running Your Virtual Assistant Business During the Summer: Personal Routines and Challenges with Children At Home In our last article we discussed how four of our AVA founding members manage client work during the summer This week we’re going to discuss how and if this affects their own personal routines

VA for a Day – Billie Christensen

Billie Christensen She is a virtual assistant /excel data analyst helping business owners take control. Billie loves a challenge and finding solutions to others problems, big and small. She has an accounting degree, certifications in payroll processing and excel certification Connect With Billie Christensen: Website: Why I recommend AVA: I love

VA for a Day – Heather Nitch

Heather Nitch As a Virtual Assistant and Business Manager, I am here to take on the behind-the-scenes efforts of what it takes to manage an online business. Let me handle those things that make you look like the expert you are. Connect With Heather Nitch: Website: Why I recommend AVA: The

VA for a Day – Tina-Marie Kmyta

Tina-Marie Kmyta Tina-Marie Kmyta’s mission is to serve small business owners, coaches, and health and wellness experts by taking the day-to-day tasks off their hands. I offer Time and Peace Of Mind – two things that are taken for granted. Connect With Tina-Marie Kmyta: LinkedIn: Website: Why I recommend AVA: AVA

VA for a Day – Åsa Tassdal

Åsa Tassdal Åsa Tassdal helps entrepreneurs with “everything else”. Whatever the problem is that is keeping you from being able to focus on your core business, I will take care of it for you. Either by doing it myself, or by finding you the best solution. Connect With Åsa Tassdal:

VA for a Day – Regina Baker

Regina Baker With a background in Information Technology, Administration, and Training, Regina Baker, Award Winning Internet Business Consultant and Executive Virtual Assistant helps professional speakers by implementing administrative as well as technical processes and systems for efficiency and profits. Connect With Regina Baker: Website: Why I recommend AVA: Networking, Collaboration, Support,

VA for a Day – Jackie St Pierre

Jackie St Pierre Jackie is a highly professional Executive Assistant providing ongoing business support in project management, client relations, content creation, marketing, accounting and bookkeeping and more. With over 15 years’ experience of high-level business administration, Jackie is sure to be one step ahead in planning as well as anticipating

VA for a Day – Lora Howdyshell

Lora Howdyshell Lora Howdyshell is an Executive Virtual Assistant living in Columbus, Ohio, with an extensive background working with various Founders, CEO’s, COO’s and Presidents of large organizations. Her belief in self-development and growth has led her to relentlessly pursue her dream of working as a virtual assistant, offering help

VA for a Day – Alicia Mathis

Alicia Mathis My name is Alicia Mathis, the owner of MAK Virtual Services and a Veteran. I have more than 15 years’ experience in administrative support and I have worked for various organizations in the US and Iraq. I’ve also worked as a logistics coordinator and personal assistant. Moreover, I

VA for a Day – Marissa Abao

Marissa Abao Marissa Abao is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. She works with photographers and professional photo organizers by managing their Pinterest accounts to drive traffic to their websites. She enjoys connecting with other Virtual Assistants, improving her graphic design skills, and learning new things that will resonate with her target

VA for a Day – Christy Bohrer

Christy Bohrer Christy helps coaches and leaders launch and run podcasts, and manage the operations side of their businesses. She achieved her MBA and have over 20 years of office experience. This was followed by 5 years in the digital marketing arena. She’s a member of the Association of Virtual

VA for a Day – Oxana Romanyuk

Oxana Romanyuk After a successful career as a director of development and administration, corporate and leisure travel manager, she founded Remote Rockstars, a company that provides expert virtual executive assistant services to individuals, entrepreneurs, and small to medium-sized companies nationwide. Connect With Oxana Romanyuk: Website: Why I recommend AVA: AVA

VA for a Day – Katie Weisz

Katie Weisz Founder of Weisz Collaborative, I am a Full-Time Content Creator, who is skillful in research, editing, and social media platforms. I help entrepreneurs offload essential tasks that take up their valuable time in their business, so they can get back to being creative and put their focus where

Running Your Virtual Assistant Business During the Summer Pt 1

Running Your Virtual Assistant Business During the Summer: Managing Client Work Many virtual assistants started their businesses with their families and specifically their children in mind. If you have children that are school age you know there will be regular hours when your children are not at home and you

VA for a Day – Jennifer Baker

Jennifer Baker With over a decade of handling back-office administrative tasks, I am a highly motivated professional freelance virtual assistant with experience working with legal firms, insurance agencies, real estate agencies, healthcare offices and affiliate marketers. My name is Jennifer Baker – the owner of Hively VA. I specialize in

VA for a Day – Darlene Walker

Darlene Walker As the founder of Darlene Walker VA, LLC, I’m passionate about treating each client as my only client and dedicated to their business as if it were my own. When I’m not in my office, you can find me at the beach or the soccer field, dreaming of

Retiring Your Business pt 2 – Develop An Exit Plan

Think it’s too soon to begin developing an exit plan? It’s not too soon. However, it could be too late by the time you start thinking about retiring your business. Before you seek the advice of a trusted Certified Exit Planner go in knowing what questions should be asked and

Retiring Your Business pt 1

Retiring your business doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be retiring. You could be moving onto bigger and better things or this could be part of a sale or being acquired. In these times, even if your business reputation for the future isn’t a priority your planning efforts should be.

Rebranding Yourself Completely

Rebranding Yourself Completely pt 1

Rebranding yourself completely is something VAs love to do! However, most don’t consider the consequences. Rebranding can be done at any time during your career and in business. It doesn’t just happen when you change your title or offer a new service. Before you rebrand you should know what you

How to Grow Your Business pt 4 – Hiring Support

In this series on how to grow your business we have covered: The questions of How to Grow Your Business New Services, Packages, & Pricing Keeping All Your Clients In Mind Now we are going to jump into hiring support for yourself and your business. While your first inclination might be

How to Grow Your Business pt 1

How to grow your business? Congratulations! You have gotten to the point in the Life Cycle of a Virtual Assistant where you are ready to grow your business. Or maybe you don’t feel ready but you’re doing to do it anyhow. This is an exciting time but like any business owner

Diversifying Your Income Streams

Diversifying Your Income Streams pt 1

What does diversifying your income streams or having multiple income streams mean? Well, it means you are earning money through more than one source. A stream depicts an abundant flow. Where as one source of income would be a drip of water. The idea of diversifying your income streams can

How to Get Clients

How to Get Clients as a Virtual Assistant pt 3

Now that you know how to get clients as a virtual assistant it’s time to grow your book of business. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 of this blog series I highly suggest reading those first. Once you’ve closed your first client you are on your way towards a full book of

Starting Your VA Business pt 4 – Why This Isn’t Employment

Starting your VA business? The Association of Virtual Assistants supports all virtual assistants including those who are employed. However, if you are looking for VA employment it is not the same as starting your VA business. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t sure what the differences are. It’s because the title

Virtual Assistant

Determining If Being A Virtual Assistant Is Right For You pt 2

In the first blog post we asked you the question, Do you understand what it truly means to assist someone by starting a virtual assistant business? The next question in this four-part series to ask yourself is, Your virtual assistant clients, are you tired of serving them? When consulting with virtual assistants

The Life Cycle of a Virtual Assistant

The Association of Virtual Assistants (AVA) was created by and for VAs at each and every stage of their career. Knowing the life cycle of a virtual assistant means more clarity, provides you with more options and opportunities, as well as helps you paint the vision for any future you wish to

Virtual Assistant

How to Get Clients as a Virtual Assistant pt 1

Often even before a person decides to become a VA they will ask how to get clients as a virtual assistant. A common response is to ask what the person wants their niche to be. Don’t worry if this takes a little time. The process is not step-by-step or linear.

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