Black History Month & Virtual Assistants

Black History Month
Black History Month

It has been the AVA’s great pleasure to recognize Black History Month and the Virtual Assistants who represent our industry so well. 

This has been a great reminder of all that is to come for our future, as well as never to forget the past. To every assistant, in person or virtual, that paved the way: please accept our sincere thanks. 

If you are reading this and your dream is to become a VA, know that the Association of Virtual Assistants was created and founded to assist and support you. Much like your future clients, you were never meant to do business alone and you never have to!

For all those who are currently VAs, never forget you are helping shape history by creating the future. There is another person watching you and wishing he/she could be just like you – having more freedom and flexibility, having the courage to dare to dream, being fierce enough to never let your dreams die, and being bold enough to go after everything you want. 

The AVA supports VAs at each and every stage of their career. 

Each Association of Virtual Assistants member is making history and setting a new path for their lives and the lives of their families. This month’s blog series is dedicated to our African-American members and future members. To read about two of our African-American members, Latrice and Alicia, please click the links on their names.

We see you. We hear you. We value you. You are an important part of history and crucial to future success.

Join the AVA and become part of a like-minded community.