Black History Month & Virtual Assistants

Black History Month
Black History Month

Latrice Prater of Latrice Prater, E.V.A., is this week’s featured Virtual Assistant during Black History Month. The AVA is excited to share more about Latrice with you. 

Q. Why is Black History Month important to you?

A. “Black History month signifies resilience and strength. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come and all we have had to overcome to be present in this very moment. It shows me a history of strong women who look like me, who sacrificed and overcame. I have been able to accomplish so many things because of my history.”

Q. What or who inspired you to become a virtual assistant?

A. “Becoming a Virtual Assistant was inspired by the need for freedom and flexibility. To be able to live life on my terms. My children gave me that dream and being a Virtual Assistant made it possible. I am able to plan my life around what is important to me and that is family.”

Q. When it comes to the VA industry, do you feel you are provided the same opportunities as others?

A. “This industry has been very rewarding to me and I feel that I have been provided an equal shot at all opportunities that I have sought after. It is my skills and attitude that has allowed me to work with such amazing people.”

Q. How do you want to be remembered in history?

A. “Even as a child I have believed in Servant Leadership. I truly want people to remember me for always having a servant heart and mind.”

Q. How has the AVA made you feel welcome or how did you know you belong and are valued in the AVA?

A. “The AVA has been a huge asset since I have joined. From the training to the positive community that has been fostered by management. What has made me feel welcomed is the responsiveness of everyone [who is] a part of the AVA. Everyone is quick to celebrate with you, your wins and give advice when needed.”

Each Association of Virtual Assistants member is making history and setting a new path for their lives and the lives of their families. This month’s blog series is dedicated to our African-American members and future members. 

We see you. We hear you. We value you. You are an important part of history and crucial to future success.

Join the AVA and become part of a like-minded community. 

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