Bettering Your Virtual Assistant Business Pt. 2

Bettering Your VA Business Part 2

Bettering your virtual assistant business is our blog theme for October. In our last blog, we shared how this time of year naturally sparks the need and desire to better your business. We also shared what is often not talked about when it comes to bettering your VA business – that change can be hard. 


Sometimes change is hard because we fight the old. An old decision, an old mindset, even an old idea of what you thought you wanted and then decided you didn’t.


Another reason change is hard is that it can force us to let go of things that are part of us. It could be your very first client who helped you build your business. It could be client work that you’re still really good at but simply doesn’t light you up anymore. Sometimes you outgrow your networking circle. The very circle which was once your guiding light. 


Saying goodbye to things we don’t like is much easier than saying goodbye to the people and things we like or love but simply don’t serve us any longer. 


Founder and CEO of the AVA, Melissa Smith, recently recorded a podcast episode on Saying A Good Goodbye


An example of a good goodbye in life might be when you sold your first home full of memories. Maybe when your children started school or left for college. 


Your VA business, if you are future-proofing, will always be evolving in some way shape, or form. You don’t have to feel bad or guilty for evolving your business – making it better. A few things that can make a good goodbye easier are:


1. Marking the occasion with a special moment, event, or celebration. It’s what we do in life. You might have had a going away party if you ever moved or changed jobs. When you and/or your children graduated there was a ceremony. Something as simple as blowing out a calendar or taking a photo of yourself to capture the moment can serve as a momentous occasion. 


2. Remember that you aren’t only saying goodbye to someone or something – you are saying hello to new possibilities and opportunities! This is you making space to be better and you deserve that. 


3. Don’t ignore your feelings. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to be by yourself, find some alone time. If you feel like you need to mourn, do so. Goodbyes can have us feeling all kinds of emotions and you owe it to yourself to explore those emotions in your time. 


For more: The Good Goodbye: How to Navigate Change and Loss in Life, Love, and Work


If you are bettering your virtual assistant business for 2023 we applaud you!


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