Bettering Your Virtual Assistant Business Pt. 1

Bettering Your VA Business Pt. 1

Bettering your virtual assistant business is on the minds of many VAs this time of year. Planning, goal setting, raising your rates, offering new services, etc. The fourth quarter naturally brings a time of reflection and for many, it’s the perfect catalyst to create an even better business in the coming year.


Change, even when considered positive, is not always easy. One reason is that as virtual assistants we tend to dwell on the not so great decisions we made in business. If this is you, I offer you this quote:


“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” — Socrates


I would also challenge your thinking by asking a few questions.


  1. Did you deliberately not make a good decision? Or did you make the best decision possible with the information you had at the time?
  2. Were you careless in your decision making? Or were you simply taking a risk like most entrepreneurs? 
  3. Are you truly regretting your past decisions? Or does something that once worked for you no longer serve your business? 


Bettering your virtual assistant is just that – making it better. It shows you are in tune with your business and what you want out of it. 


If you’re at a point where you are saying, There’s gotta be a better way! Congratulations! In fact, we have a podcast episode just for you. 


Enjoy this time and this season. Bettering your business is an exciting time and we hope you are proud of yourself. You have a lot to be proud of even if it doesn’t feel like it!


Never forget that what you are doing now as a VA business owner is brave and courageous. There are many people who watch from the sidelines but never take the steps you have. 


You’re also moving forward. Baby steps count and consistency creates the best karma! Things may not get better overnight but they will become better over time. If you had a 10% increase in revenue quarter over quarter that’s 40% by the end of the year! If you took just one extra day off a month that’s almost two more weeks of time off a year!


Bettering your virtual assistant business is also simply a necessary business principle. You can think of it as future-proofing your VA business while at the same time creating a better lifestyle. 


Cheers to an even better business in 2023!


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