Back to School for Virtual Assistants – Part 2

Back to School Part 2

As we all prepare for children to head back to school, whether you have children or not, it’s the perfect time to reassess your schedule. The Association of Virtual Assistants is here to help VAs who were hit hard by the pandemic to get back into the swing of things successfully now that schools are reopening. Last week, we shared how to take stock of your business. 


This week we’re going to be sharing tips for reassessing your meeting schedules. As we move into the last half of the year, with many client deadlines, and potential holiday time off, it’s the perfect time to set you and your clients up for success. 


  1. Reassess the timing of your regular check-ins. 

Does your drop-off or pick-up time interfere with your meetings? Don’t forget to ask your clients with children the same. While schools are opening up not everything is going back to what was pre-Covid. 


2. Reassess meetings that fall on holidays.

Don’t wait until the week of the holiday. If there is a conflict on the calendar the sooner you can reschedule the better. Plus, you want to have the most control over your calendar as possible. If you take the lead then you can also take control. 


3. Reassess your calendar for sports and activities.

Last year sports and activities of all kinds were put on hold. The cancellation of these activities put some time back in our schedules that will no longer be available. Ensure you have the appropriate time on your calendar for you and your clients. Don’t forget that in the States we’ll be going through a time change again soon and that will have an impact as well. 


4. Plan for that vacation or staycation.

Travel is back in full force and millions of Americans have already been traveling and trying to make up for lost time during the lockdown. There are predictions of high numbers of holiday travelers, with bucket list travel at the top of reasons for hitting the road again along with a newly coined term, “revenge travel”. Both are backed by those who have been fully vaccinated. Planning now is not only good for your schedule but it’s also good for your wallet! Airline tickets, rental cars, and hotel prices are up 8% (including pre-pandemic rates) over last year and are expected to increase with inflation. 


5. Create your new back-to-school lifestyle. 

All this reassessing is also the perfect time to reassess your lifestyle. For all the things that we didn’t enjoy about school closures, there are some things we did come to enjoy. What part of your COVID-19 schedule do you want to incorporate into your lifestyle? Do you want to continue with “Fun Fridays”, “No meeting Monday”, or half days forever? 


Back to school time for virtual assistants is a great time to plan and set up your business up for year-end success! 


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