Automating Your Virtual Assistant Business: Pt. 2

Automating Your Virtual Assistant Business Pt. 2

Automating your virtual business is essential to achieving freedom and flexibility. Earlier this month, we shared the benefits of automating your VA business. One of the Association of Virtual Assistants’ favorite automation tools is HoneyBook. In fact, in July we have a special training for our members with one of our friends from HoneyBook


While there are many ways and reasons to automate your VA business, we’ll cover some of the most popular automation features in HoneyBook. 


  • Automate your services and projects.


As a VA you may offer many different types of services, offerings, and packages. However, even if you have just one offering, this is the perfect time to create processes and systems in your business. By setting these up, you’re automating the information you send to clients and potential clients proving you can automate and still offer a personal touch. 


  • Automate your initial responses.


The ability to respond to initial inquiries automatically means your business is working for you even when you are not working. Businesses that respond to inquiries within an hour are nearly 7x more likely to qualify the lead. As a virtual assistant, enjoy your freedom and flexibility, fully disconnecting from your business while still providing exceptional service to potential clients. 


  • Automate your emails.


Many of the emails VAs send are answering the same questions over and over again. Instead of pointing people to your FAQ page, answer and automate your responses. Go one step further and be able to send clients and potential clients information they didn’t ask for but want to know. Anticipating the needs of your clients is simple yet impressive to clients. 


  • Automate your sequences.


Creating automations for your sequences has the bonus effect of ensuring your VA business has standard operating procedures no matter where you are in the client/potential client process. With HoneyBook, you have the ability to create if this/then that automation sequences. For instance, send the proposal, once it’s approved, the contract is automatically sent, and payment is then requested. Automating not only saves you time and money it gets you paid faster!


Enjoy all the freedom and flexibility you want by automating your virtual assistant business with HoneyBook


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