Automating Your Virtual Assistant Business: Pt. 1

Automating Your VA Business Pt 1

Automating your virtual business is essential to achieving freedom and flexibility. Freedom and flexibility are the number one reasons to become VAs. However, there are many benefits to automating your VA business. 


In this week’s blog post, we’re going to share several benefits. 


  • Automating creates a scalable business model.


When you automate your business, you are forced to create standard operating procedures, processes, and procedures. This is why it’s so important to begin implementing automations before you have your first paying client. How you run your business with one client is how you’ll run a business with 10 clients. Furthermore, if you want to build a team to scale, you’ll be ahead of the game. Creating a scalable business means scaling with quality control, scaling while staying on brand, and achieving predictable outcomes. 


  • Automating saves you time and energy. 


We often hear how automation saves us time and money, but your energy is also a precious resource. No matter how simple a task, when you are low on energy and mental capacity, they can begin to pile up until your to-do list is full of tedious tasks. Automation ensures you don’t spend more time or energy than needed. 


  • Automating reduces operational errors.


Even rockstar, perfectionist VAs can make mistakes. It doesn’t take away from your awesomeness. However, mistakes can be costly, not to mention embarrassing. 


  • Automating increases productivity.


You are your first client and it’s not fair to your business if only your other clients have increased productivity. Whether you are automating emails, proposals, contracts, or invoicing, automating increases your productivity and makes running your business feel less like a chore.  


  • Automating increases efficiency. 


One of the key areas clients hire VAs for is to increase efficiency. When you have ensured and displayed efficiency to clients and potential clients, you walk your talk. Promising to create a more efficient operating system for your clients only to run your business inefficiently doesn’t build trust. 


  • Automating ensures a better experience for everyone. 


Clients aren’t the only ones who benefit from automations. You benefit from convenience and excellence at once. The better the experience for all parties, the more you’ll stay in love with your business. If the client experience is excellent but not sustainable, whether you go on vacation, get sick, or simply because it’s not fun for you, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Enjoy all the freedom and flexibility you want by automating your virtual assistant business. 


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