Association of Virtual Assistants Best Blogs of 2020! Part 4

Best of Blogs Pt. 4

The Association of Virtual Assistants is sharing the best blogs of 2020 in our December series! 

Coming in at #4 is: Productivity Tips for Virtual Assistants: Get Adminja – Part 4

Being an assistant and knowing how to be productive go hand in hand. We are the experts! When a software comes along and makes us more productive it’s the ultimate win-win situation! 

Adminja is superior because it’s the only software created specifically for virtual assistants and our unique needs – both to take care of clients and run a business. It’s no wonder that this blog post came in at #4 for the year! 


Productivity tips – here’s one of my best… Virtual assistants love their tools. We all have our favorites. There is no one right or wrong platform. There is, however, a platform that was created just for you – Adminja! This is productivity on steroids!


Adminja is the all-in-one client management solution designed exclusively for virtual assistants. Believe me, this is important. Not all other software was designed for VAs and because it doesn’t address the needs specific to our unique challenges. If you charge by the hour or even pay your own team by the hour the time tracking feature Adminja offers is reason enough to sign up! There is nothing else better on the market.


Now, of course, we know you need more than time tracking capabilities and it doesn’t boast “all-in-one” for nothing. All those files and notes you have on your clients, easily store, share, update, and find them when you need them the most. It captures and does more for you than project manage because those ongoing daily, weekly, and monthly duties aren’t projects but just as important. Customize your billing and invoices to what the client wants to see. Not just the options available to you in your current invoicing software.


One of our favorite features is Leadboards. The number of questions virtual assistants have at every stage of their business is: where do I find my clients? Now, Adminja can’t help you find them but Adminja will streamline your sales process to help you close more deals. You work hard for your leads. Get the software that knows this and has a way to nurture those clients from start to finish.


Don’t take my word for it about these productivity tips! Here is what our industry-leading VAs have to say.


“Adminja is the BEST – makes every day better and more manageable!!” – Heather Nitch, Write Way VA


“I’ve been around for a while (this is my 10th year as a full-time VA, my 8th as a Certified OBM and before that, I had a side-hustle as a VA as far back as the early 2000’s). Adminja is seriously the only time/project/client/task management system that I’ve kept up using and is intuitive for me.” – Ericka Pardun, ELP Consulting


Since Adminja was created for virtual assistants you bet it was designed especially with you in mind. You make your client’s lives easier but who and what software is doing that for you? Adminja is! Run your business more effectively and efficiently by being instantly able to capture information on the go. Organize your business the way that makes sense for you with the unique color-coding system. The birdseye view you need to manage all your clients and project at once – it’s included. Not to mention running reports. Remember this is your business now and having reports ran is part of every CEO’s job. No system would be complete with automation and the ability to grow and scale so Adminja included those features as well.


I couldn’t possibly share with you all the productivity benefits and productivity tips that come with using Adminja but I have saved the best for last. Adminja listens to you! As the Founder & CEO of the Association of Virtual Assistants, it is crucial that VAs have a place to be heard and we are that place. It’s also important that those we partner with do the same. Adminja’s Founder, Bryan Lewis, actively seeks out ways to improve, features to add, and tries to uncover more of what would make your life as a VA business owner easier.


In fact, the AVA is so impressed with Adminja that we have partnered with them on exclusive benefits just for AVA members. When you join the AVA you get a free 90-day trial! The Adminja AVA Pro Plan can’t be beat and it is our best productivity tip for virtual assistants everywhere!


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