Ambassadors Program

The mission of the Association of Virtual Assistants is to be the most trusted source of information in the VA industry. We promote a high standard of excellence within our Association, which not only benefits current and future virtual assistants but those we serve - the client.

The Association of Virtual Assistants Ambassadors program raises awareness of the AVA, as well as partners, and model the industry standards. AVA Ambassadors are instrumental in fulfilling the mission through fostering online and in-person relationships, bringing value to virtual assistants and clients through our industry standard initiatives. 

Each chosen AVA Ambassador has been through an application process to be accepted in order to make sure he/she represents the VA industry well. The Ambassador will  use his/her strengths in a specific platform and/or space to not only spread the mission of the AVA, but to also be a point of contact. The AVA Executive Team is excited to have industry-leading VAs as a symbol of excellence, collaborative partner with other VAs and clients alike. 

Our Ambassadors

Heather Nitch

Meet your Adminja Ambassador:

Heather Nitch

Business Name:  Write Way VA

After 20+ years of experience in customer service and business executive positions I, Heather Nitch, started Write Way VA, a growing Virtual Assistant agency. I'm not only a business owner, I am also a mom who works tirelessly to support my family by supporting other businesses. 

Favorite thing about Adminja:  The Time Tracker and how detailed you can be in how you track your time and the ease to pause one and go back to it! Secondarily, the Chrome plugin to capture information to add to Adminja. 

How to get in touch:  Slack or

peya robbins

Meet your Slack Ambassador:

Peya Robbins

Business Name:  Pey Pey the VA

I have been a VA on & off since 2009. It started as a side gig but 11 years later I'm running a business & returning people's time to them. I love admin work and setting up systems. What’s better than a perfectly color-coded spreadsheet, organized file folders, or a beautiful workflow?

Favorite thing about Slack:  I love all the different categories. I never feel bombarded with posts. I can jump into any channel and quickly find resources while connecting with other members.

How to get in touch:  emailing me here, PM on Slack or IG @positivepey

David Rockey

Meet your Slack Ambassador:

David Rockey

Business Name:  Your Office SOS

A career of 50 + years of successfully building businesses. I have been successful in retail, wholesale and service industries. My skills include outside sales, business development, prospecting, and telesales.

A broad range of skill sets, combining old school know-how and the latest technology.

Favorite thing about Slack: I love the encouraging, mentoring, and sharing parts of Slack most.

How to get in touch:  Slack or the AVA