About the Association of Virtual Assistants

Be Valued as a VA!

According to the VA State of the Industry report, 98% of respondents say that they became a VA to enjoy freedom and flexibility. What’s even more incredible is that 94% of respondents are enjoying the freedom and flexibility they desired. That’s 9 in 10! What other industry do you know that can say that? 

When it comes to your virtual business, we know that you are committed to excellence in service, learning, and being an example of how a virtual assistant is a necessary component of any business. It’s part of your brand. Because the Association of Virtual Assistants values you and the business services that you provide we provide the resources to support you in starting, building, growing, expanding, and diversifying your VA business. 

I love the ava

Erin Sturm

I would absolutely join the AVA. I was a Founding Member. I love the AVA. 

The Association of Virtual Assistants is not a group, it’s a diverse association made up of VAs (and even OBMs and DBMs) from over 12 countries, representing different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. We openly welcome those who have yet to start their VA business, as well as industry leaders. Unlike a group where there is one thought, methodology, or ideology, the Association of Virtual Assistants recognizes, supports, and values the diversity of approaches to running a VA business on your own terms

If you value being a virtual assistant, value the freedom and flexibility to design your own lifestyle, and place a high value on being part of a like-minded community who places a high value on you, we encourage you to join today.  

The mission of the Association of Virtual Assistants is to be the most trusted source of information in the VA industry. We promote a high standard of excellence within our Association, which not only benefits current and future virtual assistants but those we serve - the client.